Does Cannabis Oil Heal Colitis & Crohn’s Disease?

Cannabis oil is a something I used to HEAL MY CROHN’S BUT YOU HAVE TO DO OTHER THINGS AS WELL. Learn what to use cannabis oil is used for and …


  1. I have had IBD since 12 years old, ive been seeking treatment ever since and now i’m 20 years old with a med card. My medicine is an infusion but this stops for the most part a flare up, or flare ups that last a long time, my question is what product would help my stomach or intestine cramps? Right now i just vape indica carts because it numbs the pain, but are there lotions or rubs that work well for ibd patients?

  2. I've got plenty of cbd oil with thc.. I'm not fond of the thc but I think it helps with loads of stuff. I stopped taking after getting very high by accident.. I know most of you will laugh and say what's wrong with that? I got so freaking high I threw up and I was hearing demons.. And I mean a lot!!! I'm also a Christian and knew what I was dealing with right away. So I stopped taking it. But I will take it at a lower dose if it helps with gut issues.

  3. My wife has progressive ms, diagnosed 7 years ago.. She has been on a low dose thc& and cbd oil tinjure, but recently we have discovered the true healing benefits of cannabis.. for about 8 weeks we have being upping her dose and the results are simply astonishing… Folks learn as much as you can about it.. Rick Simpson has changed our lives…

  4. you said it kills bacteria but doesn't it also suppress the immune system as well?
    i though most of this stuff is caused by not only bacteria but by autoimmune response , i figured that it was more of a natural steroid effect that helps end the inflammation due to its immunosuppressive effects

  5. I drink the CBD oil, I put it in empty size 00. I heal from ulcers with in two days. The strain named Memory Loss seems to be perfect for my intestinal pains. (I vape Memory Loss, and it takes away the pain and sends me to the toliet with in minutes.)

  6. Heard of juicing cannabis? I think this may effect the gut more easily and more positively vs just the blood stream. Plus you don't get high from it. Still has it's very acidic properties when juiced along with thca acid vs the. Yes it is an acid. Also cbd is included in the juice in the form of cbda an acid as well. Apparently they have similar or better results as heated cannabis because the body is able to absorb like 50 times more of them. I have not personally tried this as this method is not nearly as profitable compared to other forms of cannabis for obvious reasons and therefore a lot harder to find especially in an ilegal state where I live. There has been some very promising research in this area however. On a related note do you think magic mushrooms would help? It interests me because I was thinking these too were used by the ancients for healing and are very acidic as well

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