Dr. Carl Hart Debunks Drug Myths | WIRED

Scientist Dr. Carl Hart, author of the forthcoming book “Drug Use for Grown-ups,” helps debunk (and confirm!) some common myths about drugs.. Dr. Hart has …


  1. Make sure to buy his book, so can afford his heroin. What a joker. I don't care if he is a doctor.(plenty of them smoke cigs and drink). I never met somebody who uses herion on a daily basis that is not an addict. Not one.

  2. This guy is has made headlines today advocating heroin use. Too many of my friends have died of heroin overdosing. It would be a shame if your family came in and found you cold on the floor of your bathroom with a needle in your arm having choked on your own vomit, doctor. Hope you lose your tenure.

  3. Of course, in his case, it turns out heroin is a gateway to marihuana consumption!
    LOL, loser smackhead.
    Obviously he is a lefty professor, how else could he spew his non sense to captivated young minds?
    Leftism. Find a cure!

  4. So basically if you’re on the spectrum of bi polar or schizophrenia you should not use drugs. It effects 1.1% and 1% of the population respectively. Then why would you tell any one to do drugs if no one knows if they might be on the spectrum until it’s too late.

  5. Heroin is a "highly addictive substance" Now this supposed professor wants to move to Switzerland. Thank you, we can happily do without you, stay where you are. We have enough problems with our heroin addicts. we don't need any more. Switzerland doesn't need them.

  6. Rather telling that Dr. Hart needs to explain the difference between causation and correlation on a mainstream media outlet's social media channel–that's a fundamental concept in statistics and the social and physical sciences.

  7. Your right marijuana isn't a gateway drug, but there is a gateway drug. For me an millions of kids during the mid 80's to late 90's who we're diagnosed with ADHD or ADD… Speed was ours!

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