Dr. Denney Tells Why Medical Marijuana is Good

Dr. Denney tells about medical marijuana in this promotion for The Marijuana Anti-Prohibition Project (MAPP) Cannabis was made illegal because the paper …


  1. I smoke weed. I'm proud to do it, it helps with many things for me, I don't just use it to get high, although that is fun. If doctors and scientists say it's good for you and has little negative effects, the government shouldn't be able to ignore and argue what DOCTORS say.

  2. WHEN PEOPLE UNDERSTANDS WEED IS NOT BAD!! FOR FUCK SAKE!!!!!! Fuck you all who really thinks it bad, even after many DOCTORS even say its healthy and fucking cures lots of diseases!! Fuck this shit really what is wrong with all people!!!

  3. To anyone that still believes that cannabis is bad I say this: I understand your long held belief and know that if you admit you are wrong it will minimize your worth as a human some how. You don't need to change your belief just don't force the rest of us to go along with you!

  4. I LOVE YOU DR DENNEY i am a vet i am divorced i dont give a crap about pretty much anything my bud keeps me entertained at home chilln so theres no way a meddicine this great. heres the most Special thing besides they help head aches in women mostly they stop bad dreams i have tested this. Waking up better mood is so much better these few years SMILES..GET on with life keep eating even through depression as well … smiles..

  5. ok guys marijuana is good blah blah blah. yes its good for medical purposes only but not for recreational use. I just hate people that say that it cures cancer and thats why its good. In fact the majority of people that smoke marijuana don't smoke for medical purposes. It can seriously fuk ur life for real.

  6. @aolthof007 You're not paying attention, i think he meant he does see how he could be in a study thats about getting hard drug users off their drugs by smoking cannabis.. if he doesnt do any hard drugs. which makes sense and doesnt make him the slightest bit "self-righteous". hes also been pro-cannabis in every comment hes posted and you come back at him saying "No, its good!" im reeeaaally confused at 2 people arguing while on the side of an arguement

  7. im from holland. I do it about once or twice a month for the past 2 years and I still feel wonderful as before. I never have hangovers (also since i dont drink that much). I have no mental or physical issues and I know no one around me (including myself) that has ever felt any form of "addictive thoughts" about weed. Next to that I have never met an agressive person while he was stoned. Yet I meet agressive drunk people every single week. Here u go US government. Try to beat that

  8. @aolthof007 ….learn how to read first, then I might start taking you seriously. Whether you like it or not, my claims are backed by my own personal experiences. I didn't go to some indoctrination center and get a piece of paper saying that I'm a doctor or psychiatrist, yet this doesn't stop me from looking at my surroundings and evaluating them. Anyone who seems self-righteous right now ain't me, buddy. But hey, good luck with your studies and whatever else you do….

  9. @aolthof007 OK, are you blind, or are you dumb? Seriously, let's look at what just happened. I started off my last post saying "Geeez dude, no I'm NOT a doctor.", and your reply to me is "Are you a doctor?" A psychiatrist who can't read? Really?? Besides, there is absolutely NOTHING bold that I have said in my claim.

    Plus, how exactly do you want me to participate? I have never snorted coke or touched meth, mesc, heroine, ecstacy. You can see how dumb you appear to me right now, right? Geeezus!

  10. @TheRealDerfMan Are you a doctor? You have made a bold claim without a speck of proof. The facts don't back your claim. In fact I am associated with a group of Psychiatrists that are conducting studies that show cannabis to be the most helpful substance they have to get addicts OFF of other durgs like heroine, cocaine, meth, and other narcotics. You can participate by calling 760-799-2055.

  11. @JByrd029 Geeez dude, no I'm NOT a doctor. I observe and draw my own conclusions. As far as the "addictive" thing is concerned, OK, I don't have medical proof, all I have are my observations. I don't think there's a point in arguing my observations – I'm being 100% honest. And as for the "hundreds of thousands" of pot smokers I've described, I actually know people like that. So, it's not an opinion, know what I mean?

    …and yes – good cannabis is indeed a great thing. No argument there. Cheers!

  12. @TheRealDerfMan Are you a doctor? What you are saying are not facts but simply your opinion pal,which I respect. Let us not argue, but agree that good cannabis is indeed a great thing.

  13. @JByrd029 …the addiction to marijuana has more to do with the person's personality than with the THC. Yes, weed is addictive, but only to those who have addictive personalities. Why do you think there are hundreds of thousands of people out there who are "pot smokers", but only do it once a week or once a month…? 'Cause these people probably don't feel the need to smoke it daily, yet enjoy the buzz enough to do it before watching a movie or jammin' with other musicians.

  14. @aolthof007 Bullshit mate, you find some good cannabis supplies and you can deny it all you want, but everybody knows when you start to get low, it sucks! And I can testify on behalf of practically all of my close friends. I think good cannabis available to us is the wave of the future, but anything that alters the natural brain functions and gives a "high" can eventually become semi "addictive." Now I'm a huge fan of all out legalization, but my point originally was it can become habit forming.

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