1. I love the relaxed feel of this video! In terms of video ideas, could you do one about grounding techniques when you are really distressed or dissociated? Or more techniques on managing aspects of BPD in general x

  2. U.k here, england. We are in a lockdown but the prime minister says today that hopefully we could be out of it by june… they are opening places in phases, schools reopen March 8th, then hairdressers in may or june, non essential shops in April… etc.. also reading Harry Potter ❤ PS love your hair. 😍😍

  3. I would love to see a video on your favorite/most effective coping strategies for the emotional reactivity that comes with bpd! I’m trying to get better at slowing myself down in the moment before things get out of hand, but it’s really hard and often times i find myself not even realizing how much of a “bpd reaction” I’m having to something until afterwards, and then I feel guilty for not being able to recognize it in the moment and handle it better.

  4. another video idea is how you handle your menstrual/ endo pain i think it would be so helpful to know for the ladies. 🪄 im always looking for new tips and tricks to handle pain and my mental health while pmsing going through my cycle.

  5. Idk if this is going to make sense, but like do you find that you often like lose it over seemingly small things more than like trauma related things? I have bpd and I freak out over seemingly insignificant things regarding my boyfriend way more than I freak out over past traumas. Is that a thing? If it is and it's something you experience I'd love to see a video about that.

  6. I love to see the day in a life’s w/you and Brian (I’ve noticed you tend to do them when he’s out of town). Also storytimes! Like from growing up with an addict mom/relationship stuff/work drama etc. oh! And one where you show off your stuffed animals would be cute!

  7. I live in Michigan. I believe restaurants are open at lowered capacity. Mask mandatory while indoors. I think children are back in school…otherwise, that's it. It's cold and snowy here, so people aren't going out to businesses too much. It was above 32⁰ and sunny today though, so people were outside and enjoying the sun.

    Those Valentines plates are cute as heck! I'm shocked they were only $1! I worked for Valentines Day (graveyard shift yuck). No boo, but I'm hooking up with my best friend, lol! Thay started last year (freaking weird year).

    I'm so glad you're doing better!!! That's too bad about your extensions. They look really good though and I love the pink so much! 💕 I can't dye my hair because it's a little brittle at the moment, but I'm going to do braids with some different color hair!

    I actually really love just listening to you talk about your life, or anything really. It feels like visiting with a friend, and I feel like I really need one of those. 😊

    Omg I'm a plush collector too! I hope I don't get you in trouble with Brian lmao, but I'll fill you in on some ADORABLE plushes: There's these plushes called "Jellycat" that are so stinking cute, and they have a bunch of themed stuffies like fruit & vegetables, and flowers! I just bought a cauliflower plush. 😄 Some feel that Jellycats are kind of expensive for a stuffed toy but the quality is seriously there. They're more of a collectors item for some people. Have you ever heard if Squishables or Yummy World? Omg, Yummy World has this guacamole plush and a licorice plush that I must have!!

    I'm reading David Goggins' book again for the third time. It's so inspiring. His life was pretty brutal and I think can be triggering for some, so please keep that in mind if you decide to check it out. He was on Rich Roll's podcast twice. They are must listen!!

    I would be a Jedi. Also, I'm house Ravenclaw. 😁

  8. Sammy something I’ve noticed in your videos is that you have a tendency to repeat your self and lose track of your thought process. Is that a side effect of your medication? I love you girl sorry that you haven’t been feeling good lately, glad your doing better! ❤️

  9. Brian wasn’t with you on Valentine’s Day? With a friend at an Airbnb? That’s odd especially during a lockdown… Forgive my questioning if it’s rude. I would just feel really shitty if my boyfriend didn’t spend Valentine’s with me and I hope you felt loved and well taken care of! You deserve to feel that way always. ❤️

  10. take us a long on your painting journey, do a self care day, do mukbangs, really enjoyed this. what you eat in a day. you are lucky that you can go outside w/o masks. thats freedom. where i am, its still very strict.

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