Episode 298: Suppositories Are Considered The Most Effective Way To Take Cannabis Oil

Over many years, researcher and cannabis activist Bozidar Radisic of Slovenia has successfully treated thousands of people with cannabis oil via suppositories.


  1. Why are you listening to this guy there are indications when a suppository is used verbally but the predominant indications are always oral or external internal for the whole body. It upsets me when people who know virtually nothing about herbal a G are promoting cannabis in their ignorance.

  2. I don’t agree it is the best or even close to the best. This is idiotic we were created by a wise creator cannabis is our gift from that creator do you think he wants us to stick it up your ass? If you think so you are an ass.

  3. Hello all! I have a Basal cell on my nose, already had Mohs, but it's back!! Would any topical help , or do I have to go under the knife again??? Any suggestions would be so helpful….thank you.

  4. I seem to run across as much data against suppositories as for. Some credible sources talk about the science of it’s difficult for the rectum/colon to absorb fats. They also make the claim that blood tests after rectal suppositories show little THC in the blood. Then there’s those that claim they beat cancer and suppositories are all they used. It would be nice if this conflicting information could be resolved.

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