Stimulus Update and Social Security Benefits 2021 with an update regarding the $200 Raise for Social Security, SSI & VA Benefits in 2021 + SSA, SSDI, SSI, VA …


  1. Again, more of nothing. There are many YouTube channels giving "stimulus updates" and I check at least half a dozen of them every day and its always the same thing…more of nothing. "We're talking about it". Nothing at all about the SSI/SSA/SSDI benefits, ever. I'm sick of these channels. They're just assisting the Democrats to blow smoke up our rear ends. Please do us a favor and do something else until the checks are actually going to be issued. I'm sick of watching Democrats do nothing but puke hot air. Thank you.

  2. Okay what about us poor people who ain't got the money to get ourselves out of the hole you keep saying we're going to get this check I want to know when because I'm so far that it's not funny

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  4. why don't they just go ahead and sell we ain't going to get one and be done with the hell we're starving to death anyway I mean what is it to them they ain't got they ain't got that they ain't got that to worry about where to go from kick them off Capitol Hill what we want to do

  5. Same pizza no pineapple he dropped off his daughters and came back he wasnt on Vacation his daughters and her friends were on vacation he left his wife with his daughters he can be a father and a senetor. Hey if he can get his daughters some where warmer, as s father zi say why say or talk shit, that time line sucks they suck it should be already done, sd they promised..

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