Fiore Cannabis (CSE:FIOR) (OTCQX:FIORF) CEO Erik Anderson

… announced that it achieved a positive Adjusted EBITDA for the month of January and reported ongoing crop results for its flagship cannabis cultivation facility.


  1. Definitely spent most of the time talking about the numbers and running the business efficently, which of course is fantastic. But what about the product itself? Why does he believe his products are better then his competitors. That would of been helpful as a potential share holder.

  2. Hello Richard I like your videos very much. Please could you make an interview with Blueberries medical? I would really appreciate a reply from you:) Many thanks!

  3. I'm invested in this company and looks like bright future.
    Also check out drone delivery canada not sure if you have reviewed it or not . But would like your input. I have high hopes for that sector aswell.

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