First hearing for 'adult use' cannabis at the Minnesota House | FOX 9 KMSP

Representatives in a Minnesota House committee hosted the first public hearing about a proposed marijuana legalization bill Wednesday. Subscribe for more …


  1. Haley, a new drug? Marijuana has been around longer than your own great grandparents. Plus you act like all marijuana is as dangerous of drug as heroin. When you say people can't get jobs because they can't stay off of drugs that's meth and heroin hunny. No stoner loses there job because of pot. Your crazy.

  2. O' drisscal. Don't ya think the weed is already in highschools? This weed that's being sold in schools is not regulated It might not even be safe and you are worried about regulated weed hurting children? Spare me your bullshit. You know nothing about weed. It could be so much safer if you didn't have your head so far up your ass.

  3. Lets not work for Justice from a biblical view but from a heath aspect of human value of life, People are getting a chance at life with the use of it thats regulated to be Just cannabis . Street cannabis is filled with anything that makes it look more then less and sell for more in fact they can put any drugs get you hooked on it. Lets get this regulated. after all Health is for people and if this helps why not, better then opiates that get you wanting more cause you need more. By the way God made every plant to be used for our human needs, if it helps then regulate it. Its a choice that we can make as individual's

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