First Year Growing Weed… (Outdoor Harvest, Full Tent Grow + Walkthrough)

finally had time to make another video contains: Girl Scout Cookies Bush Harvest Tent Tour Full Indoor Tent Grow of: Cheese Automatic (Big Buddha Seeds) …


  1. Thanks for the video bro it's very informational for potential growers like myself. As far as the problem with your plant I've been studying Mr. Cannucks he says your water Ph is off when this happens either too high or too low you wanna keep it between (6.2% – 6.8%) 6.5 is perfect.Buy a ph level tester if possible

  2. Hey Joegrower420 those are great looking plants! Now that NJ is legalized this content is even more valuable! Great stuff!! I just followed, please feel free to follow back so we can both help grow this amazing industry! 🙂

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