From Under The Seed Desk with Marijuana Man: Marijuana, What's The Big Stink?

POT TV – Marijuana Man is back at the Seed Desk and broadcasting LIVE every Wednesday at 4PM Pacific on From Under the Seed Desk. On today’s show: …


  1. thats whats wrong with cannabis culture…seems like information and compassion isnt enough to sell pot, i hate seeing all these compassionate clubs and people that use some blonde with with big tits hanging halfway out her shirt for attention or to sell product…you know there wouldnt be a third of the views if it were just these two fucking old guys talkin bout weed…if you cant sell your product or get a message across without using sex to sell it, find another business cause you aint doing something right…product should sell itself with quality and if someone isnt interested because of concern but becase of boobies then they need to go home to mommys basement and grow up and become passionate about titties and not cannabis

  2. You guys clearly don't know anything about growing if you think Co2 degrades the marijuana.  When you have intake outtake  your giving the plants c02.  Outside is roughly 350 ppm.  In order to grow a crop with out Co2 you need to have a perfectly sealed room and the plants would still produce it when the lights are off and there would be co2 present for the first 3 hours when the lights come on.  C02 is crucial for growing and your only hurting yourself and in no way does it hurt trichome production LOLOL where do you come up with such insane statements  LOLOL

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