Getting High without the Paranoia – Delta 8 THC

Getting High without the Paranoia can happen with a little help from Delta 8 THC. Delta 8 THC is a cousin cannabinoid to the more well-known Delta 9. It will still …


  1. Eating gummybears delta8 30mg gives my day a clear focused buzz. Its like a sativa haze in pure form. I love it! It will be 100% imore populair in time iam just a early adapter ☺️

  2. Just tried Delta 8 for the first time and my experience with it was horrible. Delta 9 only made my heart rate increase too much. For me Delta 8 didn't increase my heart rate but it did consistently try hard to push my brain into a negative state. I'm going to stick with CBD.

  3. I used to get like this. But truth be told when I got my medical card back in 2009 and started to grow. After learning more about the plant and the benefits it does for people, All that paranoia went away. My biggest fear at the time was I was doing something wrong or not be able to defend my actions for using the plant. After it was legal for me to grow and use it then I was no longer scared if cops knew I had cannabis on me or if I just got done smoking. After I learned the plant then my fear of not being to defend myself from all the haters went away as well. Even had a hard core 7th day Adventist pastor think differently about the plant and being it's not harmful to the body that it is in fact okay with even God. 😁

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