grow room harvest–winter time still growing–will it grow

grow room harvest–winter time still growing–will it grow..with the indoor set up i still grow food indoor’s even in the winter time..heck why not. #growfood …


  1. Wow those are some beautiful healthy greens all grown indoors.
    I could actually grow some on my bedside table !! Amazing. I think that we may have to rearrange my bedroom when my sons get some time off !
    Thanks for sharing John.
    Stay happy, healthy, hydrated, safe and warm.
    May God continue to bless you and your family.

  2. The green's all look really good! The succession planning is a good idea, we need to get some greens planted (that's on today's agenda). And the greens do lend themselves really well to growing indoors as you say for year round harvesting!

  3. You made a statement that you go to Africa and teach them how to grow their food. As if who was providing for them already. They have no other choice and already grow their food. Have you ever been to an African market. They grew it, even before you were born. Stop with the insults and watching to much idiotvision.

  4. AWESOME! We southerners are wasteful, instead of taking advantage of our milder climate, the vast majority prefer to go buy at the open air markets and supermarkets, when that produce isn't gonna taste the same as your homegrown John. I'm glad I came across "Loose Faucet" and she introduced me to you buddy, so I'll be taking a cue from you and doing this here as well! Uprated, thanks for sharing and greetings for Miss Dani and you from Mexico! πŸ™‚

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