Grow Talk 963: Autoflower CBD Dominant Cannabis, Defoliation In Flower, & Moveable Scrogs

Or Go To DUDE GROWS MERCH: The Dude & Scotty Real Are Back & Hanging Out …


  1. scotty saved a subscriber the dude and his hating on Freebee watchers! buying recharge and using affiliate and discount codes so dude thank scotty for covering your secret hate we all see inside that you fake this chill nonsense your always stressed it says a lot brotha.

  2. Fast Buds seems to be doing the best breeding on CBD autos, Ive grown the 1 to 1 twice with yields averaging 150 grams / plant dry in soil. Next grow will be in coco and expect to double that. Results are amazing

  3. You guys make me laugh in a good way I'm a medical patient thank you dgc for the grow news and weed news in general weed is good helps me in General but especially my epilepsy more then you could imagine couldn't do it with out you guys πŸ˜ƒ

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