growing marijuana (vegetative stage)

indoor marijuana plants, ()different strains:: ***island sweet skunk ***jenny ***ak-47 ***jack the ripper ***lemon skunk.


  1. Also try not to foliage spray them with the lights on it's like the equivalent of burning your plants with a magnifying glass. Learned that the hard way getting rid of mites on my babies. Although no need to worry the veg period can take a lot of abuse just as long as you don't continue to do it. I was also gonna say up the air flow with some more fans to bulk up those stems and give your girls some protection against too much heat.

  2. Those curled tips and charred ends are heat stress bro your HPS is way too close. Also you should top your plants way sooner in the process they're lookin a little tall and skinny. Up the nutes as well on 'Jenny' and others because you only have like 3-5 chutes on each leaf when they're should be 7 by now. Hope this helps.

  3. ..and how much nutes to give them and how often ,i gotta fan over them blowing them softly at the moment and the power goes on at 6 in the morning and goes off at 12 in the night,i cant figure out the stupid electric timer thing so havent been using it,..

  4. ..they look healthy and strong ,they are in a cupboard,wardrobe what ever you wana call it ,they have a cfl light over them not right above them but a few inches away,i had it much higher up before but as they are jack herer they will be vegging for much longer so i have slowly brought the light down and in 3 days it will be 2 weeks they have been sprouting out the soil so i will bring th elight down closer to the plnts in 2 days or so ,im just a bit stuck for adivce on watering and how much..

  5. how much nutrition should i give 5 plants indoors and how often should i feed them? i have been feeding them water around 300 ml every 3 days and i have also been spraying the tops of the soil with a tiny amount of water everyday just enough to dampen the top of the soil in the their pots ,3 of the plants are getting their 5th and 6th leaves and the other two plants still have only 4 nodes ,any info ? im looking around in forums and people are saying mixed things ,they look healthy..

  6. overall pretty decent plants. could use more bat guano for nitrogen. Roots organics buddha grow is perfect. u could also have a build up of your nutes. i suggest flushing then uping your nitro gen intake

  7. Nice setup man!!! All the plants lookin good, but that train wreck is a no go trust me i grew it! Don't get me wrong it's frosty in all but it takes too damn long and the taste is not all there your choice man good luck

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