Homegrown Weed Summit 2021

Cannabis is already widely available in Washington State. So why should Washington join the other states in recognizing the right to grow? To celebrate the 1st …


  1. Two things that should also be addressed in relation to homegrown: Seed Making and Breeding – these are areas in which hobby growers can participate in the market, without huge investment. The numbers of mature plants would not be huge, but screening dozens of seedlings at a time would probably be necessary. We'll be speaking with legislators here in the Spring.

  2. The best angle of attack for home-grown might be Beer. Why should home grown weed be different than home brewing? It's a matter of fairness, and a huge number of beer drinkers can relate! If it can be placed on the ballot, it's a winner. No taxes higher than beer, no more inspections than breweries, and no more mandatory testing than for beer. A simple concept, and an easy vote.

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