How does your brain respond to pain? – Karen D. Davis

Ouch! Everyone experiences pain — but why do some people react to the same painful stimulus in different ways? And what exactly is pain, anyway? Karen D.


  1. How does pain affect development if you were nearly burnt to death at age 4 and lost the ability to even cry as you watched doctors scrape out the inside of your arm? Seems like it would make one a little weird… I drove myself to Austin with a broken leg, singing with Jimi Hendrix.

  2. This is an interesting subject and one which this philosopher has given some thought to. My experience suggests that those who fear pain most, have had the least exposure to it. This statement is based on the notion that psychology plays a bigger role than physiology. Observation of non-human animals and personal experience play a huge roll in this conclusion.

  3. Can someone explain to me what the heck does “aching pain” mean? English is my 2nd language and for the sake of me I can’t understand that term completely, it sounds like painful pain to me 🤷‍♀️

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  5. Can results from the limbic system and possibly other parts of the brain like the cortex (frontal cortex) be affected in such a way that amplifies this pain signal within us? what about mood stabilizer drugs?

  6. Endocannabinoids deserve more credit for runner's high than endorphins (we know now, according to SciShow). Beta endorphin activity is still affected but in comparison to anandamide activity, it only plays a minor role in the runner's high.

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