How to: Clone your Cannabis Plant

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  1. Hey the reason you take the tops of your plants n make them clones is for many reasons so that the bottom part of your plant gets the light and thrives .You leave the bottom sections and take the top sections. When you section your plant it will make for a better yield .

  2. You are not supposed to dip cuttings directly into clonex bottle or cap. Stated right in the directions. I pour a small amount of gel into a clean shot glass & discard any waste leftover. It contaminates the gel & wastes your 20.00 purchase.

  3. clonex don't compare to the rooting powder that comes in a little white bottle with purple letters, the roots will take off like a rocket I been using it for a long time now an I tried the clonex compared to the rooting powder because clonex was what I first started with an it don't come close to its progress in rooting an keep in mind this was with the same mother plant with the same two size branches but that's my opinion try it out I bet you will be by far disappointed with the rooting powder…

  4. This guy trying to get specific with where to cut yet, he tells you to dip the cutting in the bottle???
    I like how everybody in the cannabis "industry" has no schooling whatsoever. I, on the other hand, majoring in horticulture. The 45 degree is for the plant, so water does not collect on a flat surface. But yes you do want want surface are on the cutting.

  5. I use a heating pad under clone trey if bottoms of clone dont get warm then it takes almost two weeks to see roots sometimes but if you can keep bottom of warm  then you should see roots in as little as 3-9 days. Now that i use heating pad i get roots in 3-5 days ballin!!!! GO HAWKS!!!!

  6. Jason the reason why your plants are drying up is dew to heat or because you need to put a bio dome over them. I use a mason jar depending on size of clone and set it over plant once I take clones out of box, I plant clone in dirt and then put mason jar over plant until its not a pussy then take it off. Bam it usually take about a week tell plant will snap out of what your talking about. Jason what kind of light are you using?

  7. LOL this guys plants are like my clones. If you bonsai the plant instead of growing it straight up you get 10 times the tops it doesn't matter if you clone top actually the top clone is a great clone! IF you bend plant over all lower nodes will become tops also you need to water plant before you clone it water it 45 min before you clone because your clones will be dehydrated. Good video but you need to bonsai bro and stack that light on them.

  8. hes cloning the bottom because hes lolipoping and i think hes also wanting the mother plant to grow beautiful buds. hes probably continuing the light on 12/12 and just stealing a couple clones off of it. he did drench the squares too much but that wont effect the growing process. hes not very clear on cloning. he says that the gel is better but never says why. and he never metions what nutrients to use. follow this video and your clones have a higher chance of going into shock

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