Humboldt Permanently BANS Hemp? South Dakota AG Gives UP on Legalization & More!

Humboldt Permanently BANS Hemp? South Dakota AG Gives UP on Legalization & More! *Full Episode* Full Episode Includes New York Legalization News, …


  1. A little background.. Jason Ravnsborg. The South Dakota attorney general was in a car “accident” after attempting to drive home drunk from a party. He struck a man on the “side” of the road and killed him. He then called 911 and told them he hit “something.” He knew he had hit a person. Anyways they dispatched the sheriff, whom also happens to be one of Ravnsborgs friends and he picked him up and drove him home to go sleep it off. Leaving this man to die on the side of the road. They didn’t “find” the man until 10 am the next day. I use a lot of quotations because I truly don’t believe any of it. He hasn’t been tried for it yet. I think Kristi Noem knows and is blackmailing him not to defend Amendment A. I’ll link the 911 dispatch call under this so you can check it out if you want. That’s just my theory on it and I could be wrong but it seems most people here agree. South Dakota is so corrupt it makes me sick.

  2. When federal legalization happens, what does that mean for states that aren’t legal? Also, I can’t wait to watch the NY/Germany imports episode. I saw it pop up and didn’t have time.

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  4. They can actually um the thing is um the other one with the baby and um… my dude i hate that its like this bro its hurting the quality of the episodes im not gonna stop watching though get dat money

  5. Cross pollination,is what you was struggling with. Lol would be BAD for the good stuff grown in the emerald triangle. I hope Mendocino and the other one ( mind went blank on the 3rd one)will ban it also. A good wind can carry it to other county's.

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