iDoser FREE Binaural Brain Dose MARIJUANA EDIBLE

FREE #BINAURAL BRAIN #DOSE MUSIC This ultra-powerful session is designed as an analogue to consuming a cannabis edible. Similar to an edible, it will …


  1. Figured I would leave some feedback in hopes it can help others. I've gotten high many times with marijuana (both edibles and joints), so I wanted to give this a shot to see what I would feel.

    So for starters, I closed my eyes while listening to this. I kept them closed until the final minute, then just played the rest with my eyes open. I don't believe there is any difference, but closing your eyes just naturally puts you into a good meditative state which helps. Think of it as meditating while getting high at the same time.

    About 15 minutes after listening, I began feeling some minor effects. Mostly in my legs. Then 30-40 minutes after listening, I continued feeling some of the effects one would feel when stoned. It's not the same, but it's similar. This is now my first hour, and the effects gradually continue to appear. It's pretty cool at how our brains can react to these beats. It's a nice way to get high for free if you wanted a T-Break, ran out of weed, or if you just wanted to see what the differences are.

    Overall, this gets a solid 8/10 from me. It's a great way to relax, to unwind, and to feel your brain shifting to work in your favor. Again, it's not the same as a marijuana high, but it's similar. My experiences may differ though. That doesn't detract from the audio. The audio is impressive, and definitely has you feeling some of the effects almost immediately.

    Tip: don't have the mindset that it doesn't work. Instead, believe that it DOES work. This is likely the main reason why binaural beats may fail for some people. They doubt the process, and as a result, they don't feel anything. Instead, shift the mindset around, and know that this binaural beat will get you high. Don't question it. Just do it.

  2. I listened to this and im feeling the same tingle in my feet and legs as I do on an edible, a nice body HIGH that gets STRONGER as I listen
    This is actually crazy that this can be possible thank you idose im gonna listen and update because if this gives me a good high then I can seriously use this instead of smoking 🚬 will update!

    20 minutes later: Im GEEKED, total body high I feel disabled in a good way lol

  3. i cant really tell if this binaural beats stuff is fully bs. can anyone help back this with science?? im really curious on the psychology on this or if its only the placebo effect

  4. I payed down in my bed and just relaxed and I went on a daydream journey without closing my eyes . Even though my eyes were open I was in a dream like trance wth this was brilliant thanks 🙏

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