Important Things To Tell Your Healthcare Provider | LGBTQ+ Health

This might not be sexiest topic out there, but nonetheless one that I feel is important. “WITHOUT HEALTH, LIFE IS NOT LIFE” -buddha 0:21 Your Kinky Secrets …


  1. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer almost 5 years ago at the age of 47 (my dad and his 3 brothers all had prostatectomies in their mid to late 60’s. So I do have a strong family history of prostate cancer.). I am currently on active surveillance for my prostate cancer. My PSA is normal at 0.6; yearly prostate MRI’s are also unchanged and rated at a 1 out of 5.

    I do struggle with high levels of Estrogen and low levels of Testosterone due to my obesity. My doctor has me on Anastrozole 1 mg, Q daily (Monday thru Saturday) and Finasteride 5 mg, Q daily. With this combination of medication, my Estrogen level as normalized at 1.4 (was 117.2) and my Testosterone is at 563 (was 180). Should I be worried about taking the Finasteride?

    Thank you.

  2. The good providers Ask the questions about your sex life not with judgment but they need to know the facts. I had a mysterious all of a sudden urinary tract infection spell 10 years ago literally his second question was did you get a blow job in the last three days. It was a quick fix with the pill so no big deal to my health that he’s been my doctor ever since we’re just very honest with each other

  3. what is a pa advisor? I was sent here by yt. Are you the guy with the older partner if so you look cute together. Thanks for the upload. PS some very good info about prostate cancer!

  4. I've been a nurse for over 20 years and I thank you for this video. Not enough general health info is available for the gay population! How about more concerning the aging gay population?

  5. Unfortunately after my VA PCP cornered me into telling him that I was gay, he became very hands off with me. Including my prostate check. Even though I have a strong family Colon CA, and I was told that my PCP should check it yearly. Sometimes its better to lie just to get care.

  6. Here in London & I'm sure other big urban centres you can go to clinics where they are lots of gay patients which is so good. We have an STD clinic which is pretty much mostly gay patients so lots of knowledge about hiv, PrEP, other issues including chemsex and perhaps isolation/compulsive habits. I'd suggest encouraging patients to get HPV & Hep A & B vaccines as well as PrEP & regular screenings. One thing they always ask at my clinic is whether I'm happy about my sex life and if it's consensual.

  7. I think it would be great for you to do a video on masturbation. To me, at least, I see it as a healthy activity to enjoy, but there is a lot of condemnation and confusion out there as well. Thanks for your consideration on this important subject. Enjoyed your video.

  8. As usual some excellent advice. I would do that if you’re not comfortable speaking with your family doctor go to the local sexual health clinic. They are the experts who will have the very latest research, medicines etc. Also as they speak ton patients about sex all day every day they’ve heard it all before so are far more comfortable with talking about sex.

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  10. VERY interesting and informative that other Prescriptions or non Prescriptions meds could increase the growth on Prostate Cancer. My doctor never talks or ask about my sex life………or lack of one. LOL

  11. I think the use of Finasteride is controversial regarding its association with aggressive prostate cancer. Some docs reported finding cancer more frequently in men who used 5mgs of Finasteride daily. However, other opinions on this matter are that since Finasteride reduces the size of the prostate, it makes a needle biopsy more likely to find these cancers that already existed, whereas in an enlarged untreated prostate, the chances of hitting the cancer is more likely to be missed more frequently. These theories have lead to what is thought to be a flawed or inconclusive finding.

  12. Being a cancer survivor myself, I’ve learned that being upfront about your sexual orientation right from the get go is crucial. Your video is excellent and should be heeded by all! Great job!!!

  13. Bravo man, Excellent work. Informative, educational, spoken language that we can understand and not doctor talk (Broken down), and just plain helpful. Love the shirt.

    Jonathan I would encourage those to seek annual physicals, vitals check ups, if blood pressure, diabetic, cardiac issues or stroke concerns just have conversations to avoid having a blow out as they are happening to younger ages now instead of just older folks. Know our bodies and if you feel something is not right then please seek help. Time is of the essence and if you wait it can potentially be dangerous. Working with doctors offices making appointments in my job, just talk to the office and always discuss your issue. They are willing to work with you. I am not a doctor or medical professional just a good Samaritan who cares. (Former EMT in a Rescue Squad who retired after 25 years with basic first aid knowledge).

    Please keep on with this type as each month has specific Feb is heart, November is Men's Health Awareness Testicular and Prostate Check. Etc. If you can present something along the lines of this process would be a good thing. I am trying to pull up the calendar but having trouble. Thanks for all your hard work……

  14. I had testicular cancer 3yrs ago and now have been taking testosterone enenthate injection for 2 years. I didnt know it could lead to prostate cancer. I guess I'll talk to my oncologist and endocrinologist about this now especially since one of my tumor markers remains elevated. Ty for this info!

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