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  1. Neutriants are really confusing me. My guides say 20-15-15 for vegie and 15-20-15 for flowering. However, here in Norway I can't find anything close to those values. I get like 7-1-5 for vegie and 2-2-4 for flowering. These are liquid based neutrients for "normal" flowers". Is that the reason its so much lower? It takes into account that its already watered out? What NPK values do I want for liquid neutrients?
    I was able to get some 0-20-0 pellets at the farmers shop to mix into the soil. It was for potatoes.
    So I transplanted them into new soil with lots of that now when I put them into flowering. Broke off lots of roots tough. Probably messed up badly. But I'm a noob in the learning phase.

  2. Thank you! If that is the case, I would consider venting the heat through tubes / pipes and running the pipes through a cooling system before they expel. Like even icing the pipes. (not cupcake icing. Like putting the pipes on ice) lol Whatever works to keep cost down too.

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