Jah9 – The Marijuana

Produced by Biggy Music. Pre-order: itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-mar…793?i=1038154906 Any DJ’s/Soundmen interested in the song please email …


  1. Maximum Respect to all righteousness on this earth. Evil is rampant. The wicked are getting are in power. Which side shall you be on when the once a gentle lamb returns as a mighty lion with the sword of vengeance.

  2. Hiigh Grade haffi Bun___and all babylon ilusion fall down
    Hiigh Grade haffi Free___Use it Consciously___& all his ennemies scattered
    Real Way of Progress, Essence of Life, Education&Healin Nation, Free YurSelf. Lets show dem,
    Power of CreaSion___Genuine___Love Lead th Way* Bless HIM Up

  3. lovin your voice! coming from a white blackmetal prefering Norse humanbeing.. alltough(or cuz) my linguistic skills are limited. here is an rythm n feelin I find in my own music. a similar a strong backbone in your spirit and a sort of pride an fuck the system feeling Im not talkin bout this song only coz I lisend a couple other before this today…have some universaldigital Love n give your guitar player a hug 🙂
    P.S would love some lyrics.. -> my liguistic skills

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