January 1, 2021 Growing weed in the winter. (F 2020!)

Cleaning up the inside. Putting a clone outside in winter. Will update the description with height and other info soon.


  1. I think Spain weather is great for growing, had no problem with quality ordering from there
    don't know if I can recommend you here but, can add "ontenteleketru" on wickr, you'll thank me later 😉 peace.

  2. Cool 😎 plants I have a few genetics of my own I’m going to get out soon also do you top your plants for more nodes that can even it out a bit if u top the taller branches the smaller will catch up …..nice plants tho I got some rare strains if u ever wanna run some

  3. Amen brother. We must keep moving forward and just remember the good times you had. Still love your disclaimers. Hey it gives you some fresh bud during winter. I'm doing almost the same but I'm learning what not to do from youre videos 😉🤣😂🤣. Looking good hope you have a happy new year

  4. The nl mother looks great… Take the clones & wait 5-7 days before putting it outside in the cold… I feel you should let it get over the stress of being cloned & transplanted so it'll only have to manage the cold stress. Cut the stress variable down to 1 predicted issue.

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