1. one time after smoking i was walking home at night and i must of saw this dog in a window or sum cause the whole journey back home i kep thinking a dog is following me and trying to attack me shit was crazy wind started souding like paw footsteps and shit

  2. When i was diagnosed with PTSD i tried smoking like old times hoping it would take that feeling away and oh my god bro 🤣🤣🤣🤣 i was TWEAKIN. Some friends and I were hanging out and i didn't tell them what happened because i didn't want them to worry about me (we high as giraffe nuts, i didn't wanna kill the vibe.) Then all of a sudden im sweating really bad and i get to panicking about the whole situation and start thinking about why im not dead and then boom! My friend drops his phone and i remember the sound was like a drop of water hitting the ocean and i just started crying, shaking beyond my control and could not calm down, i kept tryna get low from the windows, i went into survival mode n shit and my friends were staring at each other talkin about "damn whodie, we all smoked that" Bitch ik but it wasn't even laced 🤣💀i should have been more responsible.
    Long story short i had to manage my "dose" or whatever and i also got a lot of help from my therapist so im not a train wreck no more.
    I still remember that day and probably wont ever forget it but what can i do about it yk? Just remember whenever you feel that anxiety hit, dont think about the past, dont think about the future, Try and keep your mind focused on the present. Your mind is very powerful, its a gift and a curse.

  3. In my case when I’m high I can perceive things that normally I wouldn’t … and the voices yes them voices are real people specially at night sound can travel further than during the day

  4. If you get paranoid when you smoke Try smoking by yourself if you haven’t already experimented with this, but it helped me, I think smoking by myself is the only way I can enjoy it

  5. Yeah I used to have weed paranoia but now I’m just calm. I would just keep smoking it even when I got paranoid. I guess it showed me that nothing bad would happen after I smoke

  6. Things like paranoia and anxiety may be a problem because many people smoke too much weed at one time. I once read a suggestion for people to take just two tokes then another two an hour later. Has anyone tried a similar approach to smoking weed?

  7. Theres alot of teachings in the fears involved with using cannabis. Amazing in general to have something that can show you your fears without being in a deadly situation.

    A good advice would be:
    Beware of unnatural environments (unattatched people and heavy industry) its will take anyone with a pure sight out. Cause it feels dead and it feel dead because of the asymmetry in the frequencies that you breathe in, listen to and resonate to with your "eye sight". Everything is energy, it can be stored in walls, in the air around us and comes mostly from living creatures.

    Imagine what happens to you if you turn up the volume on your loudspeaker while playing shitty music or crazy sounds.

    Same thing. Different story.

    We must be good inside to leave a good footprint. Sadly there are alot of drains walking around that either from internal og external problems, cannot help but to leave the place ruined for others.

    That where being different is awesome. We dont see things alike and often that comes to ones benefit.

    I hope this new vision can be usefull with or without mj.

  8. "The true nature of a man is decided in the battle between his conscious mind and the desires of the subconscious."

    Quote from Stargate sg-1 🙏🏻

    Seems to me that cannabis might help most people to a more balance and slow awareness thus effective since we all know that a car is harder to drive if you a going 300 mph.

    There can be no doubt that the road from fast paste to the slow wholeness of the life experience, can be a bitch to see. But. Non the less. Most people earn emotional teachings through the self development with cannabis and that to most people "that uses it to develope" bring deeper awareness in almost any situation WHICH MAKES PEOPLE DO BETTER AS A CITICEN.

    The only bad thing there really is, is that there can be some truely great moments lost in the impulsivity that dissapears mentally upon being high. But. That said. Being high also brings alot of new stuff to the table and I believe that a person whom does not take charge of his own life in general, can learn it from weed… but most likely won't.

    There is a saying: you can not change a man who talks crap to the waitor, you can tell him not to do so and he may stop for a while, but after some time, he will most likely be talking crap to the waitor again.

    Its hard to teach an old dog new tricks and thus to change bad people, that is a fact, but isnt it just so much harder when being forced to abide to their rules.

  9. The problem for me with weed is it makes me extremely anti social. i prefer to smoke alone and it really trips me out sometimes. I havent had a panic attack but i have experienced my heart racing like a F1 car after weed. it makes me extremely self conscious and i feel like my worls could come down crashing at any moment. I am quitting weed as of 2021 after 7 years of continious use…

  10. I was smoking first time with vaporizer and didin't smoke even that much but I was taking little trips in my subconscius and that freaked me out so much that I was panicking and shit. It feeled like I really lost my mind and was having these little dyskinea type movments and just had the worst time of my life everything was so fucking weird. Can someone relate this or was I having psychosis or something?

  11. i really want to enjoy smoking again. i still smoke on a daily basis out of habit but its not how it used to be. i used to be completely fine with smoking, i have an anxiety disorder and it helped me forget about all the silly issues. i started smoking regularly about 6months ago, 4 or 5 puffs on a joint and id be having the best time of my life feeling lightheaded giggly and euphoric, nowadays i dont get that at all because my tolerance had gone up so much once it became a once a day thing. i still get an enjoyable buzz but its not the same. tried a tolerance break a couple times which never lasted more than 4 days. ive also developed strong anxiety shortly after smoking weed recently which sucks as it used to ease the anxiety. one day not long ago after a smoke i had a full anxiety attack, that scared feeling in your gut. i was lying on my bed and started seeing myself in a 3rd person view and my god i hated my appearance, my friend sent me a snapchat of me earlier i only just got around to watching during this experience, and i couldnt stop the overwhelming sense of embarrassment purely just from my appearance and sound of my voice. my confidence was already somewhat low but after this experience its even worse, i still feel a small amount of it such as the dislike in my appearance and self cringing because of it, and weed ever since has caused me to feel anxious and overthink about myself and has made my anxiety while sober worse as well. this has also had affects on depression. weed made me forget about my loneliness and heartbreak from after me and my partner split up but now that it doesnt help with that anymore im only just starting to really feel the emotions i shouldve healed from by now, instead i had been masking them with weed. i know i need to cut down on it or cut it out completely but its so hard once smoking up becomes a daily thing

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