Junk Science Episode 4: The Untested, Unethical and Dangerous Junk Science of Medical Marijuana

Are we on the verge of a medical marijuana revolution? Not according to the current research. Subscribe!


  1. Ummmmm pot has 5000 years of real world experience which is more than all your junk science pharmacy pills combined. Furthermore adult human beings own their bodies and have the inherent unalienable right to consume or abstain from any substance they choose. Looks like you got junk ethics too but that's expected from someone who believes in junk religion. If you have dogmatic beliefs you can't be objective. Pot isn't dangerous because there isn't a single documented death from its consumption but 195 000 people a year die in the U.S. from junk medical error, 44 000 a year driving on the junk government roads. You've been fed junk history by junk teachers that so that you will make junk decisions . Regurgitate junk knowledge? or learn to think for yourself? And don't get me started on the junk air junk water junk mail and junk food…now that I think about it your a junkie.

  2. I had always been suspicous about the medical use of marijuana and this video gave me the reason my suspicions are true. Too bad so many gullible and uninformed people think otherwise.

  3. Don't go to reddit with that talk. They will crucify you for saying things like this. You must totally believe that they all have cancer, seizures, fibromyalgia, unidentified pain……….you know, whatever you must have to get legally high. Young people were so healthy before, but now……………..now some nemesis has fucked them bad! Sickness after sickness is discovered in their bodies every day, and the only cure is………get high.

  4. As someone who has smoked for many years I can say without any shadow of a doubt that weed is not medicine. Sure it may alleviate the symptoms of some ailments but crack cocaine can also (only kinda joking). Medicine has dosage, "take this much of this, and get this result." That does not exist for marijuana, IE NOT MEDICINE. If you told me that you had a headache and i pulled out a bottle of pills and said take these and you asked how many and i said I dont know, all of em. You would tell me I was crazy right? Thats where we stand with medical marijuana. That being said, there are many pharma companies who are using cannabinoids to develop drugs that have real, testible, and duplicatble results such as GW Pharmaceuticals in England. These products, if they bear fruit, will see the market and will help people but they will be medicines/drugs/pharmaceuticals and they will NOT get you high. And thats the rub; thats what 99% of the marijuana "advocates" are really about: "Give me my 'medicine', I need to get high." It's a shell game and whats better is WE ALL KNOW IT. And what will be so funny is when these cannabinoid drugs do hit the market they will come with warning labels and side effects and what will the "advocates" say then? But fuck it, I have a headache and my stomach hurts, time to take my medicine.

  5. Hello there! QUESTION for you…. Have you ever smoked marijuana? Or, eaten Cannabis Edibles before?? Just curious to know, what your expertise in the field is? And, where your strong opinion on the matter of its "DANGERS" comes from? And, if not, what, in your mind do you IMAGINE Marijuana's effects to be, in comparison to, say ALCOHOL? Or, if you've never imbibed a beer or a glass of wine, I guess there is no valid comparison you can really make. But, I am still curious what you'd imagine the experience to be?? Thank you in advance for sharing.

  6. You sir, and I use that word loosely are a complete idiot and an obvious shill for the alcohol industry who are the ones who benefit the most from Marijuana prohibition. Why don't you ditch the learned rabbi look and appear as you really are, a corporate stooge who would sell his dear old mother to a dog food canning company if the price was right.

  7. So Ironic how jewish this man appears, and how Israel is the modern pioneer for medical marijuana advocacy and research. A little tid bit that was also featured in Sanjay Gupta's "Weed", and conveniently left out of his cherry picking. But ya know, all those anti depressants and sedatives, and mind numbing chemical agents that cause addiction and death among other issues are just peachy because they went through the proper tests.

  8. As someone who never really understood the appeal of smoking a stank-ass smellin weed, after which. becoming enveloped in some mindless, retarded discussion about nothing that matters, then driving loaded out of your mind to some dump like Taco Bell, eating til you feel as though you're going to burst, all the while slowly retarding and eventually killing your brain cells…..FUCK MARIJUANA, fuckin hippie potheads can kiss my entire ass, buncha chumps….

  9. I am a legitimate cancer sufferer who is forced to buy medicine from street dealers. This video and its Jew narrator are legitimately clueless. You just lost a subscriber and i doubt i am alone in leaving.

  10. So, use prescription drugs which side effects include an arm falling off, insomnia, hallucinations, and then take some more prescription drugs to take care of those side effects which also include many more? Sounds like a deal.

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