Largest Aeroponic Cannabis Farm in World: Aeriz (Phoenix, Arizona)

Largest Aeroponic Cannabis Farm in World: Aeriz (Phoenix, Arizona) ‘Aeriz’ is a cannabis grow operation located in Phoenix, Arizona that grows 100% …


  1. Great Episode. Deep roots has toured through some great grow-ops. Aeriz definitely has one of the most unique growing processes, and would love to try their flower. As always the production quality was top notch and Cameron always asks great questions and does great as the host. Looking forward to future deep roots episodes…

  2. PLS HIRE ME! xD Germany will vote in half a year and I'm just as scared of the result, as by US votes, but at least u got da bud.
    I wanna read my bible in an herb garden and work with happy people. Here, if Sauerkraut-Day goes down the drain, so does the mood. Although most people look like they didn't have some Sauerkraut in a long time.

  3. maximizing the share holders value interests me the most gents and ladies! Could you all share some info on how a peon can get involved? thanks

    PS, one of the best vids so far, excellent work! Love Grace Somers, she is awesome and I've been enjoying Aeriz flower and products here in the valley for a couple of years now, excellent weed! Now that we can grow our own I will be doing the Aeroponics way which me and a buddy were doing in Texas back in 80!

  4. Great episode! From your aerial footage I know exactly where their grow house is. I used to take that road coming home from work. To think I drove by it everyday!! You guys did a great job capturing the culture of the valley.

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