Man bashed during online purchase transaction at Northpark Shopping Centre | 7NEWS

A man has been bashed with a hammer, after being lured to a carpark under the guise of an online purchase. The attack has revived calls for designated swap …


  1. probably given an offer that was way too good to lure him out. Deals can go bad at any time, my worst deals was someone saying they wanted a boxing stand for $60 but I wanted $70. They gave me the money folded and after they were long gone, I saw that I got $60. It's not the amount, but the fact that he was smiling the whole time. His kid was there was well… There was also a person selling a car, who basically "roid raged" after I used the handbrake in the car at low speed and it went loose. After the test drive, he reset it (showing that he knew about it) and told me to go away basically. I had $2k on me to buy the car…

  2. Why would anyone be interested in electrical goods at 11pm? And most times online you have a fair idea of who you are meeting!!i have bought and sold things online but i have always been simply given an address please who goes to an empty shopping center car park at almost midnight and i am ex boxer but if someone was to come at my car with a hammer i would have been out of there.

  3. Keywords in this story. Lured,
    electrical goods, 11pm. Wink, wink.
    It must have been a hell of story to convince the victim out of their home at 11pm. As desperate one is to sell or even buy an item it's not worth risking life and limb in a deserted carpark at 11pm.

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