Marijuana 101 Pt2: Ways to stop coughing

Here are a few things you can do to ease coughing when smoking weed. #southafricanweed #marijuana #legalweed #southafrica MARIJUANA 101 PART 1: …


  1. This helped a lot! What works for me best was, keep the smoke in your mouth first, inhale a good amount of air from your nose then inhale the smoke from your mouth and like she said, exhale at the same speed.. thank you

  2. I would add keeping your smoking tools clean. Also smoking hitter bowls instead of full bowls. When a bowl is full you will be burning the already burnt weed. If you just put enough for a hit, you are always smoking green. Add a fresh clean pipe and every pull will be easy on the lungs and those tasty terps will start tingling on your taste buds.

  3. Apparently I was sucking the smoke out of the bong really fast. My bf said just slow down and I been using a dab bong but I just smoke bowls of weed and idk the science of the bong but the way its constructed it has helped me a lot w coughing and I also keep water w me and that helps a lot too. I never really smoked weed for years cus I would start coughing a lot but I have it under control now thankfully. Oh and I def need to get a hemp wick cus the lighter fluid does hurt sometimes.
    I hope can help someone.

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