Marijuana and the Brain – From Addiction to Neuroscience | Francesca Filbey

“Marijuana and the Brain – From Addiction to Neuroscience” Francesca Filbey, Director of Cognitive Neuroscience of Addictive Behaviors at the Center for Brain …

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  1. thc can only present ALOT and DIFRENTS ideas to brain in same time, the preson who did not use thc get only a litle idea or only the LOGIQUE ideas in that moment of thinking + thc slow the nervous system of all the body (relaxin) + creation of alot of dopamine
    in negative side thc destroy the memory and let the brain desturbed by geting alot of difrents logique and not logique ideas same time (loose of focus)(laughin) or (CRAZINES as max level )
    problem to sleep because of thinkin alot (max ideas same time) the brain cant be off

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