Marijuana Two-Minute Truths: Marijuana and the Brain (MPP-TV)

Join Nydia as she answers this week’s question: Does marijuana affect brain performance?


  1. As GOD'S OFFICIAL legislator
    >and law enforcement agent:
    >I come
    >in the name of the resurrected Jesus, whose I am and whom I serve,
    >"that at the name of Jesu
    >s every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and
    >things in earth, and things under the ear
    >th; And that every tongue should confess
    >that Jesus Christ is Lord".
    >(Phil 2:1011, KJV; see also Psalm 82:1-8).
    >I effect and enforce
    >God's original plans and purposes over and against the
    >plans and purposes of Satan.
    >(Daniel 6:1-28).
    >I decree and declare
    >that in this battle no intr
    >insic (internal) or extrinsic
    >(external) weapon, be it emotional, financ
    >ial, social, physical, psychological,
    >interpersonal, spiritual, or organizati
    >(1 Sam

  2. Oh, stop it!
    MJ makes you dumb and slow, which is no problem, unless you drive a car.
    It doesn't cure any cancer, but it can help to get some appetite.
    It's no worse than alcohol or tobacco, but not any better.
    Unlike the dumbasses here I know what I talk about.

  3. "you act like weed is worse than meth and alcohol"

    So basically your saying:

    "Oh, oh, that other drug is worse, so my own abuse of a different drug is A-okay".

    That is like if you said I was wrong for murdering someone, and I said:

    "You act like I'm worse than Ted Bundy or Jeffry Dahmer , well I'm not as bad, therefore my murdering someone is A-okay".

    It doesn't matter which drug you choose, none are justified. You are only switching seats in a crashing airplane.

  4. I must have imagined getting really lazy every time i smoke pot for the past 17 years then. Fuck, sometimes it send me to sleep. Yes, i do know the difference between smoking when i want to relax thus being tired anyway and being energetic and hitting a slump when stoned. I think all my friends share the exact same imaginary experience too. Sounds like they where using some weak ass pot for these studies.

  5. You don't think pot kills brain cells LOL!?

    Alcohol is also a 'natural component', so your comments are self-refuting.

    How would you know if it ruins lives? You're 13, I've taken 13 years to return phone calls! You've never seen anybody hit rock bottom or seen family almost die. Try going to a rehab center or an NA meeting and ask them if it ruins lives. What's the number two reason for bankruptcy: drugs. You're too young to be getting F'd up every day to cure your problems.

  6. Some videos are pretty bad for the plant's image, but many more like this one are not. You need to get educated if that's your narrow minded attitude, because frankly, you're clueless about it. You're conditioned into thinking about the stoner on the couch (which is his/her own business btw). I use marijuana for my depression and have done for years. Took time to find a strain, learn dose etc etc, all because it's illegal. Fucking archaic laws. It works better for me than any meds did.

  7. Oh ffs. When taken as proscribed in many of these videos it isn't an intoxicant. Try watch the bloody thing. They avoid the yummy bud which is where all that psychedilic fun lies. It very much can and is used for depression, and with more research in learning and stabilising strains, it will be a far better natural treatment than any man made crap.
    I learned about drugs on my own, and am quite expert on marijuana for reasons best not stated in public 😉

  8. Using an intoxicant is NOT an appropriate therapy for depression and anxiety. Marijuana IS a depressant. I am sorry that I am being so close minded, but getting F-ed up is not how you deal with medical disorders. That will only mask the problem. I think you, like many others have been conditioned by videos like this to think pot is totally harmless. I'm at least glad you wouldn't let your kids do drugs while they are still children.

  9. Actually, you're being very narrow minded. It affects different people in different ways. For me, I wouldn't want my kids using it until they're 18, but am realistic about it. That guy sounds like he has something to manage anxiety and depression. 2 things that can most assuredly fuck up a person's life. So it's fantastic for him. All mental meds are hit and miss, so if a natural plant woks great.
    Try to open your mind a little before making ill informed comments and being so insulting.

  10. "It helps me relax and focus on my school work" NO it doesn't, that is the stupidest thing (excuse) I have ever heard. You cannot function 'better' when you are stoned. But this video sure makes it seem so.

    Next you're going to say "Alcohol helps me relax and focus on my driving"

    And hearing that you are young and talking about a marijuana license is sickening. This is what videos like this do. They make kids think it's A-okay to use drugs, and there is nothing wrong. Drugs ruin lives.

  11. Saying all those successful people are not losers because they smoke marijuana is no more of an argument against the notion that people that smoke marijuana are losers…It's similar to saying that since Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and many other successful entrepreneurs dropped out of college, you too don't need college. Both are gross overgeneralizations.

  12. lol….well i have many opinions….so even though I don't believe anyone really needs weed people have the freedom to do what ever they want so they shouldn't go to jail for doing something that doesn't harm them or anyone else. I just feel that weed has become too much of a trend and I am fervently against the concept of hipness of any sort.

  13. I used to smoke a long time ago. I got paranoia, though that may have been simply the fear of being caught. Several years later, tried it again in a different location, and no paranoia at all. It might be a difference between strains, or that shit might have been laced.

  14. If it made you paranoid, why did you continue using? You are right, Exocannabinoids can have different effects on different people, some people(like me) just feel happy active/sleepy and have a great time and others get paranoia, schizophrenia etc and should of course not use them! But that is no reason to keep it illegal, especially in comparison to alcohol or tobacco!

  15. Also, I have had kidney problems and other issues before this stomach pain issues. I drank LOTS of raw cow keefir (and other things you listed), and that didn't cure/help my illness and I still developed stomach problems. Does not mean it doesn't work or isn't awesome, it just didn't for me, for example. I'm not saying weed is the answer, but I'm saying it's something that you (by that I mean someone) might be helped by.

  16. That's great that those things work for you (and some other people no doubt). But one solution is *not* for everyone. I am def. not saying everyone should smoke weed, I am saying it should be looked at differently. "No one needs it" according to -you-. And looking at it as just "getting high" is part of the problem and reason why we have this stigma.

  17. Even though I defend the right for people to smoke weed without going to jail, i just have to say this to you. Foods like Raw cow milk, raw cow kefir, Marshmallow root tea, Organic Virgin Coconut oil can treat and in my experience cure Crohn's disease….but i guess those things are not as cool as getting high. so no one wants to hear about that. I say stop putting people in jail for smoking weed and at the same time i say fuck weed …NO ONE NEEDS IT

  18. Alcohol does way more damage than weed and it's perfectly legal. So what does it matter if weed negatively affects SOME people's lives? People shouldn't be thrown in jail for smoking weed, period.

  19. Well. I've worked with disadvantaged youths, with all manner of issues, diagnoses and real life catastrophes going on most of my working life. In my experience some 80-90 of the effort on other scores is rather wasted, short term, as long as theyre smoking on a daily basis. I wont be the one to say whether this has mainly medical or psychological or social causes, but I take or turn down job offers on the basis of what is being done about the drug issue while trying to acheive other goals.

  20. To all the anti-cannabis "Christians" out there–"The Lord hath created medicines out of the Earth and he that is wise shall not reject them"–Ecclesiasticus 38:4 (King James Bible-apocrypha) CANNABIS OIL CURES CANCER!! Every unbiased research study done has confirmed that not only does cannabis oil treat the symptoms and alleviates pain, IT CURES CANCER!! Spread the word–THERE IS A CURE FOR CANCER!! PEACE!!

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