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  2. My mom smoked pot with me if its just pot and only natural cannabis its nothing but healthy for both mother and fetus in fact bennificial….but tobacco and alcohol and pills will kill u facts

  3. A have a friend who smoked weed doing her pregnancy. But she used paper ( joints / Pre-Rolls ) or just straight pipe. She wouldn't over do it. Meaning she wouldn't smoke a full on gram. And didn't smoke all the time during her 9 months only when being nauseous but just a bit.

    My niece is 3 years old. She's smart knows all her colors and numbers, speaks fully Spanish and English and understands it. Very happy girl doesn't show any sort of mental disorder.

    I think a little is fine as long as you don't over do it. And not everyone who smokes weed smokes cigarettes. When I roll blunts it's only Organic or Natural cannabis wraps.

    But I'm 7 weeks pregnant and I did stop smoking weed as soon as I found out. Don't really crave it probably will start again after breast feeding. I'm not encouraging anyone to smoke while pregnant just be safe about it and don't over do it . 3 hits of a joint 1 a week on your sick days should be fine? Just don't do it the hole pregnancy.

  4. I swear girls i so dumb sometimes. Why the fuck would you do any drug during pregnancy. Guess yall drink alcohol during it too and wonder why your baby looking like stewie

  5. I’ve been smoking for year before I got pregnant when I tell you if I don’t smoke mj I’ll throw up 2a day +I don’t get hungry and I’m moody ass hell and if I eat something I don’t want I throw it up it’s a challenge but slowly I’m stopping cause I know it’s not good but sometimes it’s hard

  6. Everyone's tolerance level is different. A chronic user will smoke 2 or 3 fatties a day and marijuana is way more potent these days. What is the poor unborn fetus tolerance level? Guaranteed not the same as stoner moms. These women that brag this miracle weed should specify on an appropriate amount to smoke while pregnant. What do these women recommend as a daily dosage? Pathetic.

  7. This is not helping much. I mean I never smoked cigarettes durring or other drugs besides weed an I would like to know how this truly hurts a baby?? It helps me with sickness an appetite an relaxing. I have to quit due to being told my child an I would have to deal with CPS if my daughter born with thc in her system.. idk what to think or if this is tru

  8. People who us MJ while they're pregnant probably already have mental problems. I would suspect that's because most times people use MJ to alter a mind state and not for medicinal use.
    Anyway be a health freak if you're pregnant. Duh.

  9. I don't think it's right to use any substance while pregnant because that person inside of you did not consent to being exposed to that substance. My mother smoked cigarettes 1960's I ended up with a learning disability. Graduated HS with no grade higher then a C mostly D and F because had a tough time. I got tested for learning disability was found to have that because the schools put in me in special ed classes I was always bullied by other kids called me stupid and stuff. I just hated going to school after HS my self esteem wasn't great so I never really dated girls much I just felt wasn't worth much to anyone. I never had good paying job ended up divorced twice never had kids I'm in my early 50's now. Think about what you expose your child to I don't blame my mother she didn't know any better she was young many people were smokers in those days. I'm not saying Marijuana is the same as Cigarettes but know one really knows what the effects are so why risk it. There has been studies on learning disabilities linked to cigarettes.

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  11. I am pregnant and I stop smoking in the first month and now after two month some girls told me they had healthy baby's while smoking and this information make me relapse. I am so stupid because now I back to fighting this hapit and really I hated thats I listened to them I feel that I am so selfish and I don't deserve to be mom I just hope my baby will be ok I would die from sadness if anything happened to him because of my smoking.

  12. the dislike to like ratio concerns me. anything a pregnant woman puts in her body will affect the baby. a mother who smokes anything when shes pregnant is selfish and doesnt deserve to have a child. fucking ridiculous that we live in 2019 and people think it’s okay for a fetus to be exposed to cannabis. if you think thats okay you’re fucking disgusted.

  13. If your going to while pregnant be aware edibles are worse because they go straight to the baby. My doctor discussed with me that a few puffs in the morning for sickness could help me. Did anyone catch a "risk" she said aside from just because it's legal doesn't mean it's safe.

  14. First of all anything that alters brain function and decision making is bad and especially for a fetus that is not fully developed, an unborn baby who's system is not complete yet has a way more difficult time processing whatever gets into his/her bloodstream than the fully grown female that the baby is growing inside. Too many people here are too concerned with what they want to do to make themselves feel good and not what is best for their child and those types shouldn't be having kids. IF you wouldn't give your newborn alcohol, weed, cigarettes , cocaine etc then you shouldn't give that stuff to the baby when they are in utero either. SMH

  15. I think it’s funny how she uses all these big words to back up the fact that she’s ignorant about weed. Again weed is not bad unlike cocaine, meth and etc. why is cps called when women smoke weed during pregnancy but yet when cigarettes are much more worse they find it to be rather okay for the a newborn/unborn

  16. Idk what y'all are talking about, this women said everything very accurately. Yea weed is great, I agree 100% with that. But thats when you're able to make your own conscious decisions with an ADULT brain that is already fully developed. For kids, ESPECIALLY babies in utero this is dangerous as it alters your brain chemistry because their brain is developing. Obviously we don't know the full extent of the issues and effects it can cause, bc like she said its unethical!!! But why take the chance on having a kid with neurological defects?

  17. who cares if there are no studies just dont do it. if there is any risk at all dont do it you are determining the future human beings entire LIFE and why risk it MJ is a hallucinogenic and psycho active it is very reasonable to think it could be harmful

  18. They NEED to do ACTUAL studies. I find it bullsh*it that it's illegal, but smoking cigs.during pregnancy won't get CPS involved…and med. Docs will prescribe chemical meds. For depression, anxiety and etc freely to preg women and it's all 'legal' but yet the one thing there's NO ACTUAL PROOF of they make illegal. If a person has a mmj patient card/status it should be our choice no diff than cigs and prescription meds….it's ALL bullsh*t

  19. The fact that you started this video off saying that women who smoke weed generally smoke cigarettes, Just let me know that you guys are automatically assuming stuff and you can’t really be trusted especially if you don’t really have the proof of what you’re talking about

  20. based on the fact that itd take maybe a year to do a study on this and that marajuana has been around for hundreds and hundreds of years, im almost 100% certain they have done studies and got good results. youll never hear about it though 🙊🙊🙊

  21. But yet they will involve CPS if it's in the system during late pregnancy…but docs can push chemical pills for the mothers with long term issues with PTSD depression/anxiety and etc… My mmj reccomends were stopped by doc once I got preg… It's the ONLY medicine that's helped. So let's put my unborn child through craploads of stress due to my PTSD anxiety/depression BPD and OCD issues instead of allowing us to be happy calm and able to eat…I refuse to take prescript lab drugs that cause more probs than good when mmj helps ALL my issues. It's bs I'm required to put my child through so much stress bc idiots think weed is a drug like heroin or something…smdh

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