Moka Pot sputtering or not working correctly: how to solve it!

If your Moka Pot is sputtering or spitting coffee while brewing it, or it is not even brewing coffee, it just releases steam, in this I give a tip of how to solve this issue, …


  1. That's a clever idea but IT IS JUST NOT WORTH THE RISK OF USING PTFE. If someone absent-mindedly puts the Moka-pot on the heat without water in it whilst bleary-eyed or hung-over one morning or they get distracted and let it boil dry, you will end up with EXTREMELY poisonous gas being created by the PTFE. The following words are cut and pasted directly from the 'net…… "Overheating of PTFE generates fumes of highly toxic PFIB and poses a serious health hazard to the human respiratory tract. PFIB is approximately ten times as toxic as phosgene. Inhalation of this gas can cause pulmonary edema, which can lead to death."

  2. This has saved my gnali & zani moka pot fro. the trash bin !!

    I may added that i also put the tape on the thread of the moka pot..
    Because i read somewhere that whenever the steam can find a way out other than the funnel, it will fail to come up.

    Now it ALWAYS made a good job !
    Thank You so so much for this tip !

  3. Sending you best wishes and a happy life from San Francisco! This was driving us crazy as we enjoy making El Carajillo cocktails which combine espresso with mezcal, liquer 43 and rosemary. We couldnt figure out what was wrong with the Moka pot and were about to buy an espresso machine out of frustration!

  4. Trillions of thanks for this tape idea…my moka pot got new life….coffee is tasting so so so so much better, and because of this my days are turning out to be much better…..if we ever meet in life… is on me!!!!! for now am subscriber your channel!!!!!

  5. Bravisimo…. I have been brewing shitty coffee since I had to replace the rubber but thanks to you I am finally brewing perfect coffees again. It pissed me off so much when my moka started sputtering from the beginning… You f*cking legend! Grazie mille!!!

  6. Great video, I’ve only had this problem once, and it was when I bought preground coffee. Usually I grind my own and it works great. The preground coffee was made for drip, so it shouldn’t have sputtered. Not sure what happened. Regardless, great video and a genius solution to the problem. I would love to see other tips with how you brew your moka. Hot water vs cold water at the beginning, what grind size, and how much heat you apply. Thanks!

  7. thank you very much for your tips!
    i just bought my Bialetti Moka Pot for 3 cups & the coffee kept sputtering.
    i will definitely try this tip!
    Many thanks from Malaysia brother!!
    i really appreciate your video!!!

  8. thanks good job. can you tell me how often to clean the pot taking the filter off? i clean my daily but the filter only once a month because i fear the wear and tear of taking out . also how much coffee you drink cups wise ..thanks b safe

  9. New gaskets will cause this problem every time, due to the fact the rubber is hard and clean, ie. grippy. You won't be able to tighten the two halves of the pot enough to compress the seal enough to hold pressure. Solution: lube. Just dab a little vegetable oil around the rim of the pot with a fingertip before assembly and crank it TIGHT like always. After the first use, residual coffee oils should be enough. You shouldn't need any PTFE tape either, if the funnel top is round and flat. The rubber seal is designed to seal the pot and the funnel from each other.

  10. I read about this same solution on Reddit after losing function from my Moka Pot from too much tapping of my funnel (deforming it slightly) on my compost pail. I was able to restore function and get a fine cuppa once more. This video is an excellent how to on the process. I realized I went a little frugal on my Teflon Tape wrap and will reinforce a bit now. I'm about 6 brews in on the original wrap with no sign of failure, however. Curious to see if I get better function with a better wrap.

  11. Isn't PTFE seal tape made from the same thing that makes Teflon, which is can cause a bunch of health problems if heated too much, and won't the tape be coming in contact with the water you'll be drinking?

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