MPP's Mason Tvert Defends Colorado Marijuana Legalization Law


  1. It's all about the money honey.. They just want the money… Those fuckers are one of the biggest lobbyist against prohibition.. Correction facilities, LAW ENFORCEMENT, FDA and The other competing recreational businesses like ALOCOHOL AND TABACO….. Chingow, these motherfuckers– money will still be made!! Good job Mason!!

  2. These cops are power hungry and don't like being told what to do.  They are forcing elected officials to turn against the people.  Time to put these Sheriffs in prison for treason. 

  3. They're doing everything they can to find a problem with legal marijuana. More tax money, less crime, and lower teen use, that's what is scaring them legalization is working and they are running out of support to stop it so now they're going to cry about every little thing and hope they can find support from someone.

  4. How many places in Colorado legally dispense alcohol for consumption both on and off the premises ? How many assaults and car accidents happen directly due to the consumption of alcohol ? Same question posed to the use of marijuana … ?

  5. Sissy Sheriff's.  So easy to catch a person smoking a joint than a violent illegal selling meth.  Make meth legal!  One Sheriff loves it so much here he did male prostitution while his name was on a govt. building.  And yes, he went to jail, got out and ran for the meth.  Yet it stays.  Pot harms no one as the alcohol that flows through all counties in CO that does kill gets praised. 
    The people voted for this law, how dare any Sheriff or any other idiot politician try and take our voice away.  Be gone, you are not needed.

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