MPP's Steve Fox Discusses Federal Marijuana Bill on MSNBC

MPP director of government relations and state campaigns Steve Fox spoke with MSNBC’s Martin Bashir about a bill introduced by Rep.


  1. Potency is GOOD. That just means there is more THC, which is not a harmful chemical and cannot be overdosed on. It is actually better than low potency weed because you require less of it to get high. Instead of a whole joint I just need a little bong rip. I was a little disappointed that he did not address that.

  2. i think the guy asking the questions was trapped in a time capsule from 1955 and they cracked him open just to annoy those of us who stopped eating the propaganda they try to feed us.

  3. even if cannabis is addictive, I somked cigarettes for 23 years, and wanted to quit for the last 3 years with several attempts to on my own, however the insurance companies made it where the Medicine was not covered by any policy. If i wanted to quit something that is way worse that cannabis i had to pay for it myself because the government would not register the addictiveness of cigarettes.

  4. I went 4 yrs straight where I never missed a day of blazing up,and one day I stopped it was easy and I went 5 to 6 yrs before I started smoking ocassionaly again its not addictive at all thats sure.

  5. Lol I love the potency argument.. It's always used as a reason AGAINST legalization, even though higher potency just makes it even healthier. THC = healthy, there's no question there. The bad thing about marijuana is that you have to put smoked plant matter in your lungs. Higher potency means less plant matter that you need to smoke to get the THC effect.

    Ron Paul 2012

    Legalize freedom.

  6. @KripDrip Sounds like the effects of inbreeding are just catching up with your family. Schizophrenia is a hereditary disease not caused by pot and rarely triggered by it. If your other cousin is truly addicted (extremely unlikely) they tell the idiot to get help.

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  8. i HATE the potency arguement why even bring that up.. they act like the only reason its illegal is because its of higher potency fact is even if it is who cares still no deaths still not addicting still a great plant fuck the haters

  9. The lobbyist help keep it illegal , paying millions to congress and linining the pockets of the prez, how do you think Tobacco is still legal even though it's OBVIOUSLY the biggest killer out of all the substances combined! Tobacco is the biggest threat, then alcohol.

  10. Steve handled that so well he was well. He spoke clearly, honest, well informed and level headed. Let this be an example to all those being interviewed and asked the questions that we all want answers to, if you haven't already plz go to and get involved and get educated.

  11. @chillaxn87 Precisely! Drunk: Fighting, Drunk driving, idiocy, rape, poison your live, a TRUE poison… High: Watch funny stuff on TV, Listen to music on the couch, eat a bag of Cheetos, talk about the world, admire nature, engage in conversation …. I think that is why governments still want cannabis to be illegal … because it sparks conversation!

  12. In this supposedly 'christian' nation, if you are arrested for a pot-related offense, you will go in front of a judge who has a huge bronze plaque behind him declaring 'IN GOD WE TRUST'. Apparently they don't trust God to give us the herbs of the field and the fruit of the trees to use as we see fit.

  13. i HATE the potency arguement…fact of the matter is ok so its more potent did the death rate go up?? NO cuz no one has ever died you cant overdose so thats how i would answer that..when ppl are high GENERALLY they stop smoking so if they get high with less weed does it really make a difference i didnt think so…

  14. @kratos69xx lol
    dude, cocaine was like a joke. no real high, just like coffee, but 5 times more potent. except, you want more, like cigarettes but an immediate fix. but, the next day . . . damn, my brain was FUCKED up. That shit is definitely bad for you. I don't have a clue how to handle that drug in any legal sense

  15. @kratos69xx true, but as an adult pot was fun but got to the point where it controlled my life, same with a few friends of mine. the thing we had in common was mental problems, life problems. this negative side affect (in my opinion, the one and only serious side affect) will only grow stronger in kids with problems.
    Kids need to spend time learning and growing. If you get caught up in the excitement of weed, even mentally healthy kids will lose time growing in other ways.

    pot is still safe!

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