My Carnivore Journey: Part-2 One Month In

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    You're definitely looking health. Fully support you, Ivan! In fact, you're inspiring me, as per usual. You're my favorite "gun-channel"

    As I read, Vitamin D can easily be taken in with organ meats. Personally, I love liver. And I don't believe LDL is an issue, cholesterol is the vehicle for fat in the blood, if you're living on ketones, not glucose, you will need more cholesterol.

  2. My wife is a nurse and has worked with some really great doctors. Look up dr lyons. He set us on a high fat, no carb diet with no breakfast. I have tons of energy. Sleep only 8 hours of I need it and lost 15lbs in a month.
    The book is called: 42 days to a new you

    Its great.

  3. Interesting update and video. I’m really curious how mushrooms could ever play into this kind of diet concept. They really are neither plant nor animal and are interesting nutritionally.

  4. Thanks man……. I wondered about the effects heard a few people speak of the benefits but nothing on blood work ….. what a change for only 30 days amazing weight loss 👍 and inflammation you said was a lot less ???
    I’ve been wanting to try it.

  5. You should note…that the numbers they say are good/bad are based on the food pyramid diet/normal diet…whatever normal means, lol. Cholesterol especially on carnivore diet should be higher but when on the carnivore diet, having it high is not a bad thing. Basically your blood labs might not tell you anything useful because again, they're based on a normal diet. So take the labs with a grain of salt.

  6. If you keep up this carnivore diet your’re going to end up having a stroke at a young age Loomis. Red meat is something that is supposed to be eaten sparingly like a couple days a week at most.

  7. Hey. This vid is so informative! I have been trying to search for YouTube video similar to yours that really informs the ideas in this YouTube vid. The tip at 1:31 is knowledgable. Your explanation is like the vids of Dr Ethan. Ethan's demonstrations are knowledgable and he really helped me a lot on my diet!

    Go check out his page out and give the med student a subscribe! ➡️ #DoctorEthanWellness

  8. This is very interesting. I have completely changed my eating habits over the past five months. I have been consuming much more protein, no refined carbohydrates and vegetables like cabbage, Brussel sprouts broccoli and squash. I’m enjoying great results, more energy, better sleep, less stomach problems and I’m down 70lbs. Looking forward to seeing your next update.

  9. Cholesterol numbers are for the most part meaningless . 85% of your bodies cholesterol is produced endogenously by your liver . Dietary cholesterol does not for the most part affect your bodies cholesterol , unless youre known as what they call a "hyperresponder" in which case you probably need statins , and really have to watch what you eat a little more closely . The whole fat bad , cholesterol myth is based on Ansel Keys lipid hypothesis which has been ruled by most now to be junk science. Remember the whole low fat diet started in 70's ? Yet here we are 50 years later with worsening cholesterol and obesity numbers . The only true way to be sure of your heart health is to have a heart scan, also known as a coronary calcium scan. It is a specialized X-ray test that provides pictures of your heart that can help your doctor detect and measure calcium-containing plaque in the arteries.

  10. The whole first week or two of living in constant fear of being too far from a bathroom while your body adjusts to burning fat instead of carbs for energy…wow. Other than that, I personally feel like I have more energy, am clearer-headed, and don't have the after-lunch energy dip I used to experience. As far as cholesterol levels and such, look at writings and videos from Sean Baker & John Jaquish, both of whom have been carnivore for some time as well as serious body builders.

  11. Super interesting, man! – you kind of dove into it right at the end there. CV disease/risk is multifactorial, to include hypertension, hyperlipidemia, inflammatory markers, insulin resistance, and body weight/composition. You’ve checked the boxes in one of those, your risk is still technically low. If you look at LDL mechanistically, it’s really just moving fat. It’s a cargo fan picking up the fat floating in the blood and delivering it. That would make sense as to the amount of fat you’ve been consuming. There are further tests to break down the LDL to see what “type” of fat they’re carrying. Going back to the multifactorial aspect again, the type of LDL comes into play with a body that has beat up arteries from htn/hyperglycemia etc etc. All in all, I’d say you’re crushing it! Stay the course, just to see. – I’ve been in your shoes when you see the high cholesterol numbers haha. It’s like 😬😬😂, the good thing is that if/when you transition back to incorporating carbohydrates back in, itll normalize quickly. Your dedication to carnivore is admirable, man! Much respect! Keep us up to date on the journey! 🤙🏼🙌🏼❤️

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