My Thoughts on Marijuana/CBD Oil for Epilepsy & Autism

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  1. I agree with Justin Watkins… most doctors are no educated on the medical benefits of cannabis. They are educated by the drug companies on the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

    In the use of cannabis as medicine, they are actually bullied and threatened by organizations such as the DEA to prevent them from prescribing it to patients who need it.

  2. TRY IT! it will not make your child "stoned". Instead it will help tremendously. It is kind of like when they give Aderall to someone with ADHD, it doesnt make them high like it does for someone without ADD, instead it balances them. (BTW marijuana works for ADHD also). I realize it is illegal where you live but it is certainly obtainable. Just so you know I am not some stoner across the internet. I personally know someone with autism and someone with epilepsy (2 separate people) that GREATLY benefit from cannabis. One final thought, Of course you doctors will tell you not to do it, they can't make money from it. They don't work for free after all.

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