New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy Signs Bills to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

Governor Phil Murphy on Monday signed bills legalizing recreational marijuana in New Jersey, an initiative bottled up in the legislature for months. Adult access …


  1. You will have allot more people on roadways stoned driving, good luck with accidents… Revenue is more important then people . Tax revenue from marijuana sales, what will it be used for in new jersey ? MORE DUI'S

  2. Shoukd have never been illegal.. Laws ruined many lives… im 48 and frame houses on the hottest of hot and coldest of cold days high on weed… ive never hit my finger with a hammer,my balance on 3.5 has never failed me, im not fat, my math is on point… about fukking time you imbeciles..
    How the fuck you let alcohol and cigarettes go is beyond my logical thought process

  3. Yeah let's get rid of Nabisco but then legalize weed which dont employee as many as Nabisco or going to hire 65% black employees like Nabisco did u black people just keep taking it up the ass by ur local Democrat politicians but hey u voted for it all dont bitch u sold your selves out 2800 jobs for a blunt lol can u get any stupider

  4. And why did he Thank the black and hispanic legislators like they did more Work??This is sickning. Americas is in Sad Sad Place with these people in charge…We are face pacing our way to last place in the world..Thank God We are so Woke!

  5. Marijuana is a Holly plant 😁 why not legalising it. License for kill is legalised and many Britain and USA citizens got it. Marijuana is soooooo cute 😍😁😁. People who don't want to smoke needs to leave the kitchen.
    Coca is bad but heroine is fine πŸ™‚ πŸ‘Œ, great business πŸ‘ USA Columbia friendly business 🀭

  6. Changing a constitutional amendment for a mind-altering drug for recreation.. for people who have no culture Value.. an eagle will fly to the ground to be with one who is dying until it is done it will fly away.. for so many of you, your eagle has landed πŸ¦…

  7. Quick survey for my fellow conservatives. Do you support the legalization of pot?

    Everyone acts like conservatives are against pot. I find that the general people are for legalization while our leaders are against it.

    Maybe we can find some common ground with the left here.

  8. Of course they start only passing things once its profitable to them… Doesnt matter laws harm good people till they can find anouther way to make profits instead of making money off putting people in prisons and fining people making it so people have the worst chance of ever improving their lives……

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