New Jersey Legalizes Marijuana | Murphy Signs N.J. Legal Weed Bills | New Jersey Weed

New Jersey Legalizes Marijuana | Murphy Signs N.J. Legal Weed Bills New Jersey’s Governor just signed legislation to: – Legalize adult-use cannabis …


  1. Weed need’s to be made legal all over the United States it will reduce all the crime and not only that but it will help the economy so much better all over the country and the weed will also be safe and organic

  2. All the hypocrite drunks out there that call cannabis smokers pot heads are all the crying ones right now 😂, on that note wake and bake cheers New Jersey..💨💨

  3. The going rate on the street for a eighth of good stuff goes from 50 to 65 , so prices are pretty much spot on…good job NJ 👍, I'm blazing some purple punch as we speak cheers 💨💨

  4. Missouri did so "great" in setting up their medical marijuana cartel. Medical marijuana prices are so expensive that the people who are patients cannot afford medical marijuana, esp at 500$/oz. Very Sad.

  5. I don’t care if people smoke weed I don’t smoke but this new law is awesome… smoking doesn’t make you a bad person it’s just weed not a big deal.. just keep it away from kids and your good to go

  6. I'm gonne toke a good bowlpackwith my girlfriend to celebrate tonight! Finally I been waiting for this since 2011 when I started smoking! I can't wait to not have to hit up plugs any more! Any one else here sick of going thew a plug to score? I'm willing to pay more for a dispensary when I can. ITS LEGAL FINALLY! I'm not a criminal any more!

  7. I'm literally crying bc I live in New Jersey and have been arrested 3 times! 2 times with less than a gram when I was 17 and once for CBD CIGARETTES thought to be weed when I was 20, I'm now 21 and will be liberated

  8. Maryland gov(R)larry Hogan is still Convicting blacks in maryland for mmcc cards and cannabis… also people a secretly geting evicted in the state of Maryland… the main inforcment place is College Park Maryland. We need help a and a new govoner

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