Push to legalize recreation marijuana in Nebraska

Who’s leading the effort and why Nebraska lawmakers are butting heads on the issue.


  1. #ATTENTION PUBLIC: Mandatory is NOT law. It is a "demand" and nothing more.

    No Federal or State source reseves any right to "demand" anything of public.

    As an individual with Sovereign Rights, YOU are not required to obey.

    It's about time PUBLIC stood up for their #Rights!

  2. At the very least we should have medical marijuana. Due to the fact, our politicians are receiving money from the pharmaceutical and alcohol companies it's unlikely. The science is clear that the benefits of marijuana far outweigh any negative effects of the drug. My wife has M.S and lives with a lot of pain every day. The Doctors are quick to push pain meds, depression drugs, sleeping pills anything they can to siphon money from us. Cannabis takes care of all those problems and has far fewer side effects and dependency problems. Please for the sake of the people of Nebraska pass a medical cannabis bill.

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