Q&A 2 – Cannabis And The Brain, MDMA Wait Period

In this episode, I discuss monetizing the channel, the effects of cannabis on the developing brain, how I got into drugs, using drugs during the MDMA wait period, …


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  2. Weird. I started using cannabis at 18. Stopped and picked it back up around legallity here in California. I'm 24 and smoke daily, my mood is better, my scores in school increased, and my drive to do things have increased immensely. I don't understand exactly what's going on but one drug has literally solved problems 4 perscribed ones couldn't do.

  3. Phenibut is the femme fatale of ‘nootropics’. I tried selank as well and the first dose I took a substantial dose and did see immediate effects. Though mild and possibly placebo I did notice some notable effects on mood and contentment

  4. Anecdotally, I noticed little to no substantial long term effects. I smoked cannabis everyday throughout all of adolescence. First smoked at age 11 and daily usage began at 12. I quit smoking cannabis at 18. My usage was somewhat heavy for periods of time but more or less moderate but quite consistent. As far as long term memory I noticed no marked effects, only effects on memory were short term under the influence. Quite possibly it could’ve mildly affected pre-frontal development and reinforced pathways in the brain to sensation seeking tendencies. However, I was predisposed to the ‘addictive personality’ genetically before cannabis use. As far as iq I have a high iq so I think it’s an issue of correlation vs causation generally. Overall, no substantial effects were noted from smoking all throughout adolescence. But it very well could have mildly affected development.

  5. I was wondering if you smk daily for a couple of years cause anxiety and panic attacks I had to quit because I was getting panic attacks and anxiety I got a bad stomach bug around Christmas and I lost my appetite for 5 days I was snacking on things a little all those days and I was worried about a drug got in my system that time I got it and I stressed myself out to a ulcer and the pot was helping so I had to quit I was wondering I quit two months ago and the panic attacks and the appetite was back but I started getting paranoia you think that’s it’s possible and it’ll fix itself through time and I was wondering also I took 1/4 hit of fake lsd passed off as real and it made me feel like nausea in Vestoconstriction and felt like my brain was melting but the vasto was about 30 min and nausea was 3 hours was I tested it and it didn’t show up to much purple so I just tried a little like I said and and I’m glad I didn’t take more but the person who sold it took 7 of the same stuff and nothing like this plus I’m sure he’s took plenty of fake cause he don’t test or buy a tester but I wondering if taking that one time cause to much damage and paranoia from going off pot you think it’s real but I know I’m never taking lsd again cause of that stuff and nothing wrong with it just to much fake stuff going around and I would love a text back to know what would be best to get over paranoia really it’s caused by I worry if someone done some drug in my house witch I don’t think they have that I know of it just worries me but I don’t want you to think I’m to annoying I would just like your best advice I love the videos by the way respect for you man and if you write back I’ll have total respect I just hate going through this lately hopefully it’ll get better I have hope just let me know and do you think it’ll get better through time

  6. Actually mr classroom tide detergent was once used as a currency in drug trade, so that is relevant to the topic but an ad for century link 1 terabyte internet that actually goes slower than if you were to be read the 1's and 0's over the phone would not be relevant to the topic.

  7. Why does MDMA have such a higher propensity of giving you serotonin syndrome whereas the "classic psychedelic tetrad" (mescaline, LSD, psilocin, DMT), don't? Can you do a vid/address the comparison of the mechanism of action between MDMA and the classic psyhedelics?

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