Randy Becomes a Weed Farmer – South Park

Randy leaves South Park with his family to live the simple life of a Colorado farmer (a weed farmer, that is). About South Park: It’s hard being a kid growing up in …


  1. AGH, ITS UGLY, BURN IT DOWN, BLOW IT UP!!! Actually, the second episode of season 24 of South Park, “NO WEED!” Where Randy is on his useless slow tractor and wants to make it faster and goes in super speed. So fast that the tractor crashes into the barn and the farm house causing an explosion. The explosion sets the whole weed field on fire, while Sharon, Stan, and Shelly are proud of seeing the farm destroyed by Randy. So they pack everything up in boxes, put them on top of their car, and move back to South Park to their old home. Then the next day, while waiting for the bus, Stan tells the others what happened to the farm.

  2. Who else agrees Randy bought a pot farm specifically rather then just a regular farm(fight me in the comments on if pot farms are regular farms) just to have an excuse to smoke pot 24/7.

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