1. funny, after seeing you use a shredder..made me finally pick one up… then a month later I won the Remo grinder in your calander contest.. now I am keeping it in a shrine lol

  2. Flipping heck! UrbanRemo. Knowing you through your stoney high life via YouTube, seeing you toke on your own weed which is interesting to see, so… brilliant an achievement. To listen to you carefully is worthwhile viewing.
    If only if only a person can kick back with some live music with some Memo the Kushiest blend alive. Well in UrbanRemo. Good shot grower Good to see UrbanRemo good and stoned.
    From Craig. GB. What's on? Young blood?

  3. The brilliant cut grinder is a Canadian company that makes that absolutely best grinder I ever had. Please give them a try. You guys should have the best with the best buds you smoke. Can't wait to grow with your nutrients this spring. Enjoy.

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