Rewire Your Brain To Quit Weed / Alcohol / Cigarettes (Your Brain's Blueprint)

So the Blueprint looks like this: Situation Thought Emotion Action Result It spells S.T.E.A.R which I think is cool. As in, how to steer your life and it’s spelled wrong …


  1. I love you man, I’m glad you are okay in the midst of this pandemic. Been watching you for years. Wish I changed and stopped smoking years ago.

    I want to limit my use completely or quit. I use it medically, so it’s not hard, but harder. Its not an extremely severe ailment, so I believe I can do it. Thanks so much man, still giving me content over the years! You are in Indonesia now brother? Very nice!!!

  2. You’ve helped me tremendously and I just wanted to say thank you. I can’t begin to describe the difference your videos have made in my life. Hoping you’re doing well, god bless. 😌

  3. I'm on day 2 of not smoking weed, Iv identified my triggers as "time of the day", specifically after work. I woke up this morning feeling great until 4:305:00 where I noticed my mind drift off to that familiar area where its expecting to feel high. I found the thing that helps me when I feel a strong craving is 1. Identifying that it's a craving that you feeling and understanding that its my body calling for the hit of dopamine. 2. go watch a video on Youtube about the benefits of quitting weed. It reminds me why I want to stop and seems to help regain control of my monkey mind during that moment of craving. Thanks for the great videos Tristan… This video helped me out today.

  4. I've watched this video twice and every single time found it very helpful. Thanks so much for helping me recognise my thought patterns and providing the strategy to break away from them. You're a Champ!

  5. I Honestly think that Meditation+Exercise+Semen Retention+Breathing Techniques
    Is the key to heaven still don't know
    HOW i quit both Klonopin and Weed
    on the Same Week Cold Turkey without Mayor Issues¿? Believe me quitting Benzos is not healthy and almost impossible to do so definitely a
    Positive mindset + those 4 tools you can achieve anything
    Currently on 45 Days Completely Sober after years of abuse 🙏🙌

  6. Wow, saw this guy a year or so ago, loved the content, resubbed last week and we get an episode. The statue in the back is beautiful. Thanks for your videos, I've come to the hard realization that green is holding me back but the change has proven hard, especially in lockdown. Thanks for the content, really enjoy your insights.

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