S16:E3 Mephisto Genetics, autoflower cannabis grow, Sour Stomper X4

Day 77 last view before chop, one really nice purple sour stomper. Next Seasons grow. Mephisto opening announcement. slideshow at the end. You guys are …


  1. Cheers brother! Yet another beautiful grow done well! I gotta get my but in gear and start back up. I have a lot of cleaning to do first. The bugs beat me up pretty good last round. Bleaching everything in the grow room. Much love and respect πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ✌😎

  2. I love that you are overlapping your grows. I think you could also get a small T5 fixture and get them started off even a little earlier, or start one a couple weeks before, so it harvests earlier to give space like you have it set up right now. You are badass brother! Cheers. Also, I'm super pumped about Mephisto, I also got that email. YAY

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