Save Mimi's Life: A Medical Marijuana Patient's Struggle

“My condition is called Achalasia, which is a rare esophageal disorder. Life is very difficult because I do not know at the beginning of each week how sick I will …


  1. I have achalasia as well. I was diagnosed in 2001 and have had 2 HM`S. So does medical marijuana actually work for you and what symptoms are you trying to fix? Im convinced that nothing can fix the choking and spasms.

  2. I agree with medical marijuana as I have been using since 2004. I have however been to a new pain Dr. and all my illnesses are actually 'symptoms' of something bigger…magnesium deficinecy, crazy but true, in just 7 weeks my entire life has changed as I was sure it was almost over before i met him. Take magensium supplements, 250mg 4 times a day. (liquid and powder form a friend of mine that has Achalasia is taking) In 6 mths you should feel better! Good luck!

  3. nice1, move to colorado!:D i hear u.s politics is starting to realise the sense of making it 'legal' in all states. why some and not others kind of thing. wish i could source good smokes, yeh mazar is indica 80/20 (as i say you usually dont know here) my pal still has some for the time being.all the best Mimi!:)

  4. hi mimi,sorry i missed the campaign! I suffer from achalasia myself,had ballon dilation surgeries about 8yrs ago but as youl know nothing seems to be a fix. i have depression and ive noticed how current mood/anxieties/nerves etc affect how well my spastic esophagus works haha.anyway.. on the subject of cannabis.. decent named stuff in the uk is pretty rare (weed is weed most of the time) but i took hold of some 'mazar' a few days back.WOW.lovely lovely smoke, and i ate like a horse that night!x

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