Should we legalise cannabis in the UK?

Hey, this is a short video taking a balanced look at cannabis legalisation in the UK. As more and more countries begin to take a more liberal stance on cannabis …


  1. We should, but they won’t ever do it.. So I guess I’ll continue to pay my taxes, work hard all week long, wear my face mask in public just like everyone else.
    Let me ask you am I any different because I choose to puff a blunt on the weekends just like the next man having a drink? 🤔 🇬🇧

  2. My mother has cancer ( CLL ) and they have said they can only treat it not cure her, how ever I've grown my own for years and I make oil for my mother and you should see the change in her its amazing. This needs to be legalised, but them cunts in number 10 won't, BASTARDS

  3. A plant that existed before humanity, society and government. How can a law or legislation be passed on a naturally occurring plant? It would be ridiculous to criminalize plants that are dangerous like foxgloves, hemlock or poison berries.

    Why are certain mind altering substances like alcohol, nicotine and caffeine acceptable and legal, but others aren’t?

    No deaths caused by cannabis have ever been recorded.

    Cannabis could actually be the safest drug available, 114 times less deadly than alcohol, according to the Scientific Reports.

    It has proven health benefits, from treating glaucoma to preventing epilepsy or easing the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

    If the UK legalised cannabis, up to £900m could be raised annually in taxes, according to the Institute for Economic Research.

    The UK is already the BIGGEST EXPORTER of cannabis, producing 70% of the world's total.

    Victoria Atkins, the ex-minister responsible for UK drugs policy, is married to the managing director of British Sugar, who have a license to grow cannabis in the UK.

    Theresa May has been notoriously anti-cannabis her entire career, but her husband is a senior executive at Capital Group, the biggest shareholder in British cannabis producer GW Pharmaceuticals, who grow 30,000 cannabis plants in the UK every year.

    Many countries such as Canada, the Netherlands and certain states in the US have taken a progressive stance on cannabis, legalizing it for recreational and medicinal use.

    Cannabis is the most widely used drug in the world. Millions of people are using it regardless of the law. Keeping it on the black market forces people in the UK to use unregulated cannabis. Policing and prosecuting cannabis users is a waste of taxpayers money and police resources.

    Smoking and possessing cannabis is a crime that doesn't have a victim. It’s a personal choice that doesn't harm anyone.

    Government can’t intervene between us and nature.

  4. Legalise it mate. A bloody plant for Christ sake. £1.5bn tax revenue and jobs. Does not cause cancer and can be beneficial for many recreational users. Shouldn’t be a question regarding it and there isn’t as the majority of the British public now support it. It’s all to do with the government who are lagging behind the growing industry.

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