Support for legalization of marijuana grows in NC, Elon poll shows

Support for legalization of marijuana grows in NC, Elon poll shows.


  1. They have no idea how much money our state could have and many people this could benefit by fully legalizing this and the help get people off of narcotics I do not understand why they won’t just go ahead and do it it’s inevitable that other states are gona do it we are the agricultural state so instead of benefiting from it they’re fighting a losing battle so why wait any longer

  2. We need to pressure and hit our lawmakers where it hurts, we need to go to other states to get smoke, in time that will grab their attention once so much money is gone from our economy

  3. To get our stubborn lawmakers here in our state to legalize cannabis we will have to go across state lines and get it, basically I’m saying a lot of our money needs to leave our state economy to get these boneheads to change their mind. They can’t pull us all over, there are too many of us and not that many of them😂

  4. They should legalize it for medical purposes for people that suffer from pain and side effects from other forms of treatment. Its inhumane to let people suffer when they’re treatments with medical use that could avoid it.

  5. Twittle dee,and tweetle dumb. No tests,for the antidepressants, or,the high blood pressure medicine,but,says,on the label,"do not drive". Ask,the republicans (white),if,they know that?

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