The Saxon Graveyard Beneath A Farmer's Field | Time Team | Timeline

The team investigate a possible fifth century cemetery in a ploughed field, where they find a metal shield boss. One male skeleton is holding a drinking vessel.


  1. I love the humor and the intellectual honesty, they don't assert their guesses as fact.

    I loved the discussion of the warrior woman that they concluded she was a warrior from the shield and the female said, "I've got granddad's trenching tool from WW 1 and I'm not a soldier." LMAO

  2. symmetry vs cemeTARY. Drives me crazy. I understand differences in pronunciations ie. our schedule vs. shedual (I think British Shedual is probably more correct but READ the words. It is ARY no RY.

  3. This is why I want to be cremated, so people won't dig me up in 500 years! We know people died, were buried, and things were built on top of them. So why do we feel compelled to defile their graves by digging them up? There's history all around us, we know it already, so why do we have to keep confirming it?

  4. Would like to know how they 1st found out there was a grave, plus if they knew that the graves werent all that deep why dig so deep as you see some of the skeletons have been scaped by the escavator. sorry about the spelling mistakes. lol

  5. Pay the farmer what his crop would yield. Then keep digging. Win win. Why the drama. Pretty shallow graves . You sure this wasn't a battle site. Buried where they lay protecting their land and property.

  6. It’s not surprising that Tony Robinson is a great narrator. He is an accomplished actor as well… think Blackadder! Every actor ever associated with that show went on to do more: (Hugh Laurie-House, Rowan Atkinson-Mr Bean, Johnny English, Miranda Richardson-Harry Potter, Sleepy Hollow…gosh far too many to mention, Tim Mcinnerny— Disney, Game of Thrones, even the writer Richard Curtis…a true comedic master…went on to do more like Notting Hill. Always a joy 🤩 to watch any of them!

  7. I bet the drunkard was found that way. Having been out drinking laid down to sleep and died. Being undiscovered for a few hours, rigor mortis having set it, they buried him like they found, curled up in fetal position clutching his drink.

  8. If the people who came across from Denmark, Schleswig-Holstein, Frisia, Northern Holland, Saxony (Anglo-Saxons collectively) were only aristocrats to replace the Romans, why have we evidence of so much of their DNA in our population today? They must have travelled in large numbers. They were capable of doing so – as were the Vikings. Hence, my own surname ‘Hanson’. I’m from Yorkshire – but some ancient ancestor definitely was not. I believe the newcomers stuck together in the beginning and only gradually integrated the locals into their society. Many Britons would have moved westwards / northwards as more invaders arrived. The conventional idea on their migration makes more sense to me. They came to invade and take over new lands – not to integrate with people with completed different traditions / languages, etc.

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