The surprising reason you feel awful when you're sick – Marco A. Sotomayor

What actually makes you feel sick? Discover how your immune system and proteins called cytokines respond to infections. — It starts with a tickle in your throat …


  1. So I’m just gonna say, like (and this is totally off topic bc I am currently sick to my stomach) but like I really like the narrator SPECIFICALLY, like with other narrators I can listen but with this guy, I can listen for hours 😀😂.

  2. 3:09 amount of details in these animations is just insane. Look closely – after our patient coughed bacteria to those three guys, it bounced out of second guy onto the first guy (meaning, immune system of the second guy is still good and able to fight) but then it bounced back to the second guy, meaning that immune system of the first guy is way stronger. On the other hand, the immune system of the third guy was the worst as both of the bacteria he took right away and nothing bounced.

    And all that secret information delivered in just a second of this incredible animation, that most of the people won't even notice.

    Hats off, TED.

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