These 10 States Want to Legalize Cannabis in 2021; Is Delivery the Answer to Social Equity?

These 10 States Want to Legalize Cannabis in 2021; Is Delivery the Answer to Social Equity? South Dakota’s in trouble, Humboldt County permanently bans …


  1. Hemp should grow everywhere without regulation, what is we talking about? …you can grow high thc varietes in protected area out of season for hemp ….and hemp shoulb be above 0.2-3 % …even over 0.5% thc it's natural …in Serbia Europe you get automaticaly sentenced to 3 years in prison for possesion with or over 300 grams ….i wish they was all seriously ill to need it or to DIE OFF and let us live …..i give one👍 to myself …i risk life everyday and year growing it for 20 years personal use …it is war zone ….for what? …filthy antichtists politicions and braindamagged people that give them vote

  2. They are preventing research by keeping it illegal , it has unlimited medical potential , glad I'm in Canada where it's wide open and law enforcement can spend time catching criminals ! Alcohol and cigarettes =hundreds of thousands dead every year , cannabis =zero , big pharma is behind it !

  3. Hi, I love your cause! Any word on MN? I have my med card, its just the price of gold. I need to be growing well you know the money thing. Cheers and I do appreciate the med card, but its a weird kind of scenario.

  4. Been smoking since I was a little kid. Needless to say, weed isn't hard for me to find. However, going to the dispensary like you were stopping at a specs is way less stressful than stopping at your boy's for an hour each time just so the neighbors don't think your purchasing. Come on Texas, with your red ass.

  5. Listen I'm a conservative republican & at the same time a Christian. Unfortunately most in my political & religious demographic has this stupid idea that cannabis is evil & leads to all kinds of ungodly things. Genesis 1:29 And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat. If God said it was good then it must be. So are they saying God is evil or God condones evil things? That is South Dakota's government problem that Reagan "Just say no to drugs" garbage. People want it legalized federally both political sides of voters. I haven't smoked in 3+ years (sad). Prohibition of cannabis is racist against all of us more so to our black brothers & sisters. I have voted republican for a long time, however I may have to change my voting preference as democrats at least believe in legalization. Republicans' believe it is of the Devil yet God said it was for all of us including cannabis as it fits the description He Himself stated. God Bless you all & keep up the great videos & news for us subscribers.

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